Welcome to Belles Bunnies! Cruelty Free Cosmetics! Belles Bunnies is first and foremost a source for cruelty free cosmetics. As a hairdresser and salon owner for over 10 years, I have now been fortunate enough to follow my life long dream and make the career change to work with animals.  However after discovering just how many brands still test their products on animals, I began a mission of changing what I use and who I buy from to make sure none of the cosmetics I use were tested on animals or would I be supporting the brands that still do – but this was harder than it sounds! Trying to find out which companies test on animals became quite a challenge, and while there were some sites offering information lists of cruelty free brands these were primarily brands sold in America or Europe, and trying to get hold of these was a task in itself!

So! I decided to set up Belles Bunnies with cruelty free brand lists and products, along with product reviews and much more based on brands and products that can actually be found easily in the UK. I know I could have done with this info when I was transitioning, so I hope you find some of this this helpful, and please feel free to comment, make requests or ask any questions!





    • Boots cruelty free
    • Curls Gel UK

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