I Heart Chocolate Palette Reviews

I Heart Chocolate Palette Reviews


I Heart Chocolate - Naked Chocolate & Death By Chocolate
I Heart Chocolate – Naked Chocolate & Death By Chocolate

OK, so other than looking completely yummy these palettes are serious when it comes to eyeshadow. There are a number of I Heart Chocolate palettes (and I intend to try all of them!), all of which are similar in design but with a general theme to the colours. Both Death By Chocolate and Naked Chocolate are packed with colours that I personally love and use regularly, but if the colours are not necessarily suited to you then there are plenty of other palettes that are just as scrummy.

There are 16 shades in each palette, and the colour pay off when applying these are, for the price, brilliant. They are completely blendable using a fluffy brush, or if I am after a brighter more pigmented colour I will just use my finger. Dampening an applicator or finger brings out the colour even more, especially the shimmery shades.

I couldn’t pick a favourite out of these 2 palettes as they are both so perfect in their different ways. Excuse the finger marks in the picture – I couldn’t resist!

I Heart Chocolate Swatch - Naked Chocolate & Death By Chocolate
I Heart Chocolate – Naked Chocolate & Death By Chocolate

Death By Chocolate is a slightly more dramatic palette, perfect for nights out or for a more intense eye look. The more nutral shades are ideal for a base or as a transition colour, while the shimmers have that glam appeal without flaking or getting messy – and there’s a black! A great black too.

Naked Chocolate is a bit more muted down with a wider range of warm neutral shades, and the colours in the palette marry together perfectly. With both of these palettes, it is easy to creat a complete look using just one palette (although I can never decide which one so end up using both!).

I Heart Makeup Claims:
Death By Chocolate – Chocolate shades… that go to the dark side too! By day more natural…by night hit the dark side! Mixture of mattes and shimmers.
Naked Chocolate – Naked Chocolate is here. Containing 16 stunning eyeshadows for perfect bare to smokey eyes, mixure of shimmer and matte shades. 3D chocolate palette with full size mirror and applicator.

On this point, both palettes have the full size mirror and applicator. The applicator is typical of any that come with eyeshadows, personally I prefer to use a brush but it is handy to keep in the palette to dampen the shadows to intensify as mentioned earlier.

If we’re staying real, there are probably palettes that are more pigmented with absolutely zero fall out, but that also cost 4x the price. For £7.99 these palettes are pretty epic in my opinion, and provide everything I need. The colour selections are fab and the colour pay off is easy to blend and build so it’s a win win for me. Plus, the ridiculously reasonable price of these palettes makes it easier to justify buying all of them!

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I Heart Chocolate - Naked Chocolate & Death By Chocolate
I Heart Chocolate – Naked Chocolate & Death By Chocolate

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Have you tried any of these palettes? Let me know your thoughts!

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