LUSH Snow Fairy Body Conditioner Review

LUSH Snow Fairy Body Conditioner Review

LUSH Snow Fairy Body Conditioner Review
LUSH Snow Fairy Body Conditioner Review

So! Even though Lush Snow Fairy Body Conditioner is a seasonal product sold around the Christmas period, it is something that I plan for the entire year and use wisely! And to be honest other than the fact that it is only stocked once a year I’m not sure I could say anything even remotely negative about this if I tried. It is simply beautiful. The scent, the consistency, the results, even the packaging. I just love it!


LUSH Claims :
The land that Snow Fairy hails from has been very generous this year, bestowing upon us the gift of a body conditioner to soften your skin and leave it smelling like candy. Made with a fruity cherry infusion, hydrating mango and avocado butters and moisturizing fair trade organic cocoa butter, a sweep of this on the skin will banish the dryness that winter sometimes brings.

While Lush’s description of this product doesn’t really give any instructions, I suppose it is pretty self explanatory and obvious on what to do with it. I personally pair mine with the Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel and honestly the scent lasts for days (if I didn’t shower – gross, but true).

Other than skin feeling ridiculously soft, I think the main point i love about this product is the scent. The description makes it sound pretty fruity, but I would still say it smells more like the candy that they mention. Literally like a sweet shop, but better. I wouldn’t say it smells particularly festive – another reason why I wish they would make it a year round product! The fact that its pink is yet another amazing perk.

LUSH Snow Fairy Body Conditioner Review
LUSH Snow Fairy Body Conditioner Review

The packaging is pretty standard for Lush products, which I would assume is a “marmite” situation of either loving it or hating it. Personally, I love it and don’t see what there would be to dislike. The whole chalk board writing theme and simple packaging is in my opinion practical and pretty at the same time. In this case it is in a tub with a screw top lid more like body butter packaging than that usual body lotion pump, but this is fine for me if there is any excess left on my fingers from scooping out the product out I just lather on more!

The packaging is made out of recycled plastic which is even better. PLUS if you take back 5 full size lush pots to the store you get a free product! Its just a winner in my eyes, the whole thing!

Click here to link to LUSH Snow Fairy Body Conditioner  (Seasonal)


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Have you tried this? Let me know what you think!

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