Natura Siberica – Sophora Japonica Day Cream Review

Natura Siberica – Sophora Japonica Day Cream Review

Natura Siberica Day Cream

Natura Siberica is a brand I discovered sort of by accident, but it is now one of my favourite brands for so many reasons and their products have become part of my every day routine. The Sophora Japonica Day Cream has been pretty life changing for my skin. I am someone who has previously suffered with spots, and in recent years large pores have been my issue. When I first decided to try one of their face creams (I initially used their hair products and have gone on from there!) I used the “concern” filter on the website, with pores and uneven skin tone being at the forefront I went for “combination skin”. This range was among the recommended products, and my gosh what a difference it has made to my skin! The consistency is perfect for me, as although I like my skin to feel nourished I don’t like heavy moisturisers during the day as I tend to get too oily underneath makeup – but I also don’t like products that completely disappear and feel like they’re not doing anything! I can visibly see the difference in my skin after applying this product, it gives a glow and hydration that I just love but doesn’t oil up or get greasy. I do also use the Sophora Japonica Night Cream which has a thicker and generally luxurious consistency.

Natura Siberica Day Cream
Natura Siberica Day Cream

Natura Siberica Claims:
For oily & combination skin; Based on Sophora Japonica, our Blancing and Hydrating day cream is a perfect solution for oily and combination skin.

The website does include a much more detailed breakdown of the ingredients and their benefits, a few examples being increasing the natural production of collagen, deeply moisturising and controlling sebum production minimising pores. All of these I can honestly agree with. While my pores have by no means disappeared, they are a lot less visible and a lot easier to work with! I have been using this for quite some time now, but the differences were obvious after just the first few days.

IMG_2682Natura Siberica Day Cream

As a brand, Natura Siberica has stunning packaging. All the collections are colour coded but the format remains the same. This particular collection has a soft teal and white packaging (the night cream has darker colours so it is easy to tell them apart!) and looks sleek and clean. Again it is another product that I am happy to leave out on my dressing table as it just looks so darn pretty!

Price wise this range is so reasonable. There are products which are priced higher such as serums and specific treatments, but the general range of products are very affordable. The Sophora Japonica Day Cream is £7.20, with the night cream being the same. There is a serum in this collection that I have not yet tried, and given the results of using the creams I don’t actually feel the need for much else at the moment! But I am convinced it will be just as good.

Natura Siberica Day Cream
Natura Siberica Day Cream

To summarise, this brand in general and in particular this product are faultless. I have had no issues with breaking or damaged packaging or delayed deliveries, and the customer service is superb. If you are looking to add any new products into your skin care routine I can 100% recommend trying these out!

Click here to link to the Sophora Japonica range

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Have you tried this brand? Let me know your thoughts!

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