Cruelty Free Guide

Cruelty Free Guide

Making the change to be cruelty free can seem daunting and expensive. Not knowing where to start can make the whole process just too much hassle, and most of us are not in the position to be able to throw away almost every product we have and buy everything from new. So here is a Guide For Becoming Cruelty Free, to help break down the transition and make the whole process a lot easier!

When I decided to make the transition I found it difficult to find out which brands were cruelty free and which brands tested on animals, and when I did find a brand I wanted to try they were usually an American or European brand meaning I had to find ways of getting these products online (which also usually resulted in high shipping costs and import taxes).

Belles’ Bunnies has a Cruelty Free Brand List which is constantly updated, and all the brands are available to purchase in the UK!

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I personally couldn’t afford to just throw everything out and buy all new products, so I simply vowed not to purchase any more products from brands who were not cruelty free and replace each product I used when it was empty. This way, not only would I not be supporting these brands anymore with my money and as I would have normally replaced the product anyway it didn’t make it an expensive process. So when my old foundation ran out I found a new cruelty free alternative, and went on from there. Surprisingly it didn’t take very long for me to replace all my products with cruelty free alternatives, which also made me realise just how much I spend on products and the profits that had been going to animal testing brands.

Cruelty Free Guide

I found it easier to break down all the products I used into 4 categories, and worked my way down the list.

1. Make-Up. Replacing make-up products with cruelty free alternatives is probably the easiest category to start with are no more expensive. YouTube and Product reviews and swatches can help to decide on which new products to try.
2. Skincare & Haircare. This category is fairly easy to replace once you find a brand that works for you. Products that you like will vary depending on your skin type and hair needs, so a little more research and trying samples is helpful. But once you find a brand you like its pretty easy to go from there.
3. Next are the everyday products that tend to get forgotten about, such as toothpaste and mouthwash. I would just make a list on my phone each time I used something that I hadn’t previously thought of, such as when brushing my teeth. These products are a little less common too, although with toothpaste as an example the main supermarkets own brand toothpaste are actually cruelty free – just look for the cruelty free logo on the back of any products if you are unsure. You see I hadn’t even considered toothpaste & stuff
4. Lastly, is household and cleaning products. This is the one category that can get a little costly as the cruelty free brands for these kind of products do charge more than the standard ones. They aren’t particularly difficult to get hold of though, and again supermarkets do now sell these brands. I just take full advantage when they are on offer and stock myself up!

Breaking the process down into these 4 steps made it all seem less daunting to me. I just started at the top and worked my way down through the categories until I realised that literally every single product I now used was from cruelty free brands – and it is a wonderful feeling.

I hope this guide is helpful, and if you have any questions or would like any more information please just ask in the comments!

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As a former hair salon owner and turning to work with animals, I have combined both passions and created Belles Bunnies - Cruelty Free Cosmetics - to help anyone looking to go Cruelty Free! Guides & advice, brand & product reviews, cruelty free brand lists and much more!

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