Cruelty Free Cosmetics

Cruelty Free Cosmetics

Cruelty Free Cosmetics are becoming more popular in the beauty industry, however it is so upsetting to see so many brands and major brands still testing their products on animals. Campaigns and petitions are constantly fighting to spread awareness, although it does still surprise me just how many people are still unaware that the brands they buy from even still do this.

In March 2013, a ban was passed in the UK and all members of the European Union, making it illegal to test products or their ingredients on animals – this was HUGE! Since then, there are many countries now fighting to introduce the same regulations all over the world.

While this may sound like incredible progress (and in so many ways it is!), unfortunately over 100 million animals, such as mice & rats, rabbits & hamsters, monkeys, cats & dogs are killed every year, with many more still experiencing the torture of animal testing . Beauty is an insanely profitable industry, and there is such a long way to go.

In my opinion, cosmetics are a luxury that we as humans choose to use and wear, and how anyone can justify putting innocent animals through agony for our vanity is beyond me.

Belles’ Bunnies is a blog created to help spread awareness of animal testing and the alternative cruelty free brands who are also trying to make a difference. This blog however will not be posting upsetting and disturbing images of these poor animals trying to make the point, because as someone who is passionate about spreading awareness I find them just too difficult to look at. So, this blog is to introduce people to the brands creating beautiful products, which are even more beautiful because they are 100% cruelty free. Hopefully, if the majority of us as consumers purchase from these brands rather than others choosing profit over cruelty free methods of testing their products, then the message will be heard where it needs to be.

Which Brands Are Cruelty Free?
Brands must meet the following criteria:

  • Do not conduct or commission new animal testing
  • Only use new ingredients when human safety can be established without animal testing
  • Do not sell cosmetic products in countries requiring animal testing

Basically, no products or ingredients from the company or its suppliers are tested on animals. As there are so many beautiful cruelty free brands out there, I just don’t see why other brands still allow it! But, let’s focus on the wonderful brands that are cruelty free and proud.

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There are a number of sites listing brands that are cruelty free, such as Peta & Cruelty Free International.
Although as this blog is UK based, you can click the following link for a list of Cruelty Free Brands in the UK which is constantly updated.

There is also a list of charities fighting against animal testing and petitions you can get involved in: Charities & Petitions

Making this change can seem a little daunting and sound expensive, so if it helps I have a Cruelty Free Guide to break it down. There are so many ways to help to protect our animals from cosmetic testing, and anything you can do at all, as small as it may seem, will help to make a difference.

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As a former hair salon owner and turning to work with animals, I have combined both passions and created Belles Bunnies - Cruelty Free Cosmetics - to help anyone looking to go Cruelty Free! Guides & advice, brand & product reviews, cruelty free brand lists and much more!

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