Eden Perfumes Review

Eden Perfumes Review

Eden perfumes is a brand I came across fairly early on in my cruelty free transition, as it was difficult to find perfumes that had not been tested on animals that still smelt amazing! They are a family based company based in Brighton, and the idea behind this brand is what dreams are made of. Take your old favourite perfume and find the identical cruelty free version? Oh yes, they did just that.


Eden Perfumes
Eden Perfumes

Eden Perfume Claims:
We match your favourite perfume! ♥ 100% vegan and not tested on animals!
We are the newest vegan and non-animal tested perfumes & cosmetics seller in the UK

Their outlay pretty much says it all. 100% vegan, not tested on animals, AND your favourite scents. They also do aftershaves – and even pet perfumes!

I started my adventure with this brand using their website, which is so easy to use and so satisfying to find your favourites! While they are not exact copies, they are extremely similar and almost identical – and cruelty free! Using the search, you type in the name of the perfume you want the cruelty free version of, and voila! There it is!

All of their perfumes are numbered and on the bottle is a hand written label (a lovely personal touch) displaying this number. The name of the perfume is not on the bottle however, so it may be worth noting which is which if you have a few – although I knew just from smelling inside the lid exactly which perfumes I had!

Eden Perfumes
Eden Perfumes

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous. It looks sleek, expensive, luxurious and elegant all at the same time. Even the box is beautiful.

Price wise I think they are very reasonable, they come in for 30ml at £18.00 and 50ml for £24.00. Fairly priced and especially when imitating some of the more luxurious and expensive perfumes in comparison these are so much cheaper! Plus to be safe in the knowledge that no animals have been harmed AND you smell this good!? Priceless.

Eden Perfumes
Eden Perfumes

Overall, their products are stunning and the idea behind this is perfect. I cannot say enough good things about this brand, well done Eden Perfumes!!

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Eden Perfumes
Eden Perfumes

Have you tried these perfumes? Let me know your thoughts!

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