Makeup Revolution – Reloaded Palettes Review

Makeup Revolution – Reloaded Palettes Review

OK!! These palettes are not messing around! There has been a fair amount of hype around these palettes and it is safe to say that I am 100% getting in their wagon! These are beautiful! As Makeup Revolution launched 4 palettes in this collection, I could have had a seriously hard time deciding on which one to purchase – but as Makeup Revolution is such an affordable brand it didn’t take me long to convince myself to buy all four. And honestly, I was SO excited when they arrived! The colour range is amazing, and they look stunning. I couldn’t wait to dive in, so lets get into the details.

Makeup Revolution
Makeup Revolution

*MakeUp Revolution Claims:
Time to get RELOADED! Our 15 shade eyeshadow palettes that are bound to pack a punch at an affordable price. Highly pigmented, long wearing, smooth and blendable eyeshadow shades that will keep you on trend all year round.

RELOADED Iconic Vitality

Reloaded Iconic Vitality
Reloaded Iconic Vitality

*Warm burnt shades for lovers of reds pinks and neutrals, in a variety of matte and shimmer shades.

So starting with the Iconic Vitality palette, the range of shades in this palette are unbelievably wearable. There is a perfect balance of warm and cool tones, with a mix of matte and shimmer finishes. This palette literally has everything you could need, from light highlighting shades to darker smokey shades – with accent colours to amp up any look. This palette would suit everyone regardless of personal taste and comfort levels, every colour in this palette will blend with another to create a wide range of looks. From day to day natural makeup to smokey intense evening looks, it has everything.


RELOADED Newtrals 2

Reloaded Newtrals 2
Reloaded Newtrals 2

* Warm burnt shades for lovers of rustic reds and burnt oranges, in a variety of matte and shimmer shades.

This palette gets me so excited! The warmth of this palette is perfect, along with more neutral shades for either softening a look or to use as a transition colour. The shimmers in this palette are glorious, with a rusty copper feel to them. The burnt orange shades are what gets me with this one, but the shades I love the most are the reds! Red is a colour I personally tend to steer clear of, (I usually end up looking like I have an eye infection…) but these reds are such wearable varieties of red, completely bang on. I have been turned! Again the shades range from light to dark, and creating a warm sultry look with this palette is an absolute dream.


RELOADED Iconic Fever

Reloaded Iconic Fever
Reloaded Iconic Fever

* Warm burnt shades for lovers of orange and burgandys, in a variety of matte and shimmer shades.

This palette is in some ways similar to the previous Newtrals 2 palette with its warm feel, but the shades in this palette are more bronze toned than rusty coppers. As I have brown eyes, I love to use colours that bring out the hazel tones in my eyes which usually involve brown shades. However – these are not your typical brown shades. They are a chocolatey bronzey mash up that I have fallen in love with. As with the other palettes there is a range of light to dark shades, enabling you to create an entire full look using just this palette. BUT! The shimmers – wow. They have copper tones to them while still keeping a deep and smokey hue. I do however have a favourite in this palette, purely because I don’t think I’ve seen another eyeshadow quite like it. Unfortunately the shades are not individually labelled, so the only way I can explain this is by saying “the bottom left”… It is quite a bright orange, but at the same time almost a muted orange. It is a matte finish, and it doesn’t have any other pinky coral tones to it, it is true orange but in such an understated and wearable way. Mixed with the other shades in this palette and using this as the main lid colour, it is incredible. Overall, this palette seconds my most used palette out of this collection. It is simply gorgeous.


RELOADED iconic Division

Reloaded Iconic Division
Reloaded Iconic Division

* Warm burnt shades for lovers of neutrals, cool tones and pops of greed, in a variety of matte and shimmer shades.

And so we come to my favourite. Not just of this collection, but potentially my favourite eyeshadow palette in general. If I were to create my own personal dream palette, this is not far off the mark. The mix of warm and cool tones is genius, and my most loved shade!? The shimmery olive green (again the shades aren’t individually named but if you see the palette you’ll know which one I’m referring to). And the cool toned orange!? (bottom left) – there are no words. The balance of light and dark shades is spot on, and the warm and chocolate shades against the cool toned metal shades genuinely inspire you to get creative. There is a beautiful navy/grey shade, which mixed with the soft khaki and chocolate – with that shimmery olive tone on top!? ARGH!!! It’s almost too much! I am in love with this palette, literally. There are less shimmer finishes in this palette, but the 2 that are included deserve superb recognition.


So overall!?

Are the palettes worth the hype?? Yes. A thousand times yes. Referring to my point about the Iconic Division palette almost being my ultimate palette, if Makeup Revolution put all of these shades into one palette!? Well. I actually don’t think I would be able to contain myself.

The pigmentation of theses eyeshadows is as impressive as Makeup Revolution palettes always are. The amount of each product in the pan is impressive, and as I have already mentioned the palettes alone look stunning. I will be getting a lot of use out of these, and providing that Makeup Revolution don’t replace them with another product I will definitely be repurchasing. And the price? At £4 a palette it makes it perfectly OK to just buy the whole collection! (Although, buying all 4 really does not need any justification!) They are…. everything. You’ll see!

Makeup Revolution
Makeup Revolution

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Have you tried these palettes!? Let me know your thoughts!

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