Maria Nila Colour Refresh Review

Maria Nila Colour Refresh Review


Maria Nila
Maria Nila

Maria Nila is a brand I fell in love with as a hairdresser. Their products are beautiful and give amazing results – and they are Cruelty Free! The line that has always stood out to me are their Colour Refreshers, and even though I have moved on from hairdressing I still swear by them. An important thing to note – these will not “change” the colour of your hair, for example if you have dark hair and use a red refresher you are not going to automatically have red hair. What they do however is enhance your hair colour and tone. I have previously had red hair (and loved it!) and used their Bright Red toner every time I washed my hair – it kept the colour so bright and vibrant.
However, I am now very much a blonde. I started with the silver grey hair colour and have gradually transitioned this to grow my natural colour into an ombre effect, and these toners have been everything to me!

On a side note for anyone looking to achieve the silver grey hair colour, these featured toners are exactly what you need. But, you do also need to have super light hair to start with. I’m talking serious bleaching so make sure you get professional advice before starting as you could do a lot of damage to your hair! Once you have a really light blonde (similar to the inside of a banana) then tone tone tone!

Even though it is a lot more intense with the silver/grey, I still use the same products and mix ratios now. So lets get into it!


Maria Nila Claims:
Nourishing masque with colour pigments that will quickly freshen up your hair. 2 pair of gloves comes for free with every ordered Colour Refresh.


Pearl Silver 0.20

Maria Nila
Maria Nila

Pearl Silver is the ultimate shade in my opinion. Similar to a purple shampoo, this removes any yellow or brassy tones in blonde hair. As mentioned earlier depending on how light your hair currently is will depend on the results, but toning all blonde shades with this is an absolute dream. This product forms the bulk of my toner, and I wouldn’t be without it.

Maria Nila
Maria Nila

Black 2.00

Maria Nila
Maria Nila


Most people find this shade a bit scary, but there really is no need to be daunted by it. This is the part that gives the ash tone rather than just removing the warmth. Black will take your toner to another level, and it is key for getting that silver blonde that I have spoken about.

Maria Nila
Maria Nila

White Mix 0.00 

Maria Nila
Maria Nila

White mix is super versatile, and is used to create your own unique toners. You could just use a white conditioner for this, but the White Mix does have a thicker consistency than most conditioners so is easier to work with. Mixing this with any of their other toners will mute down the colours, for example using it with a pink toner will create a pastel candy pink (again the results will depend on what colour hair you are starting with).

Maria Nila
Maria Nila


My Mix Ratio
So for me personally I have used the same combination of toners for a long time, and this works for whatever level of blonde I happen to be at that time. To cover my whole head, I use about 7-8 pumps of Pearl Silver, and 1 pump of Black. I then mute this down with the White Mix or conditioner, and usually match the amount of coloured toner I have used – in this case 8-9 pumps. This can vary on how yellow my hair is looking at the time, and if you are looking for a clean white blonde or a grey / silver tone, then use more Black and a bit less Pearl Silver. Think of it as mixing paint! It will look dark in the bowl so don’t’ panic, just stay on the safer side to start with if you are worried. Another point to mention, with ombre or highlighted hair start on the roots/darker parts first, then finish off with the parts that are already pretty blonde. I tend to put it on my roots for 5-10 minutes and then run through the ends before rinsing out, or use it all over with a white coloured hair mask.


Maria Nila
Maria Nila

Overall, there are so many shades to enhance so many hair colours, and because they are all mixable you can literally create your perfect toner. The packaging not only looks sleek, but the pump makes it easy to control how much product you are adding. And another bonus to these? The smell!! I can’t quite put my finger on what the scent is, but an attempt to describe it I would say like a sweet, vanilla perfume. It is glorious! Whether you are a professional hairdresser or just toning at home, I cannot recommend these toners enough. They really are perfect.


Click here to look at the whole range!

Have you tried these toners? Let me know your thoughts!


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15 thoughts on “Maria Nila Colour Refresh Review

  1. Hi-

    Im wanting white clean hair and I am not keen on the grey tone as I find it dark.
    Would just using the Pearl Silver and White mix work to keep the purple tones away?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Amy!
      Yes! The Pearl Silver doesn’t make anything darker like a grey tone would. And yes the White mix would dilute this even further – but I tend to just use a white conditioner to mix with! I hope this helps! X

    1. The black tends to give more of the silvery/grey tone, whereas the purple toners (pearl silver) will take out any yellowness so more of a clean/white blonde.
      I hope that makes sense!!

      1. Hi I’m allergic to dark hair dye (colour live cosmic blue) I loved it so now i can’t go dark. But I’m going gray in parts iv used pearl silver and purple shampoo and no reaction on me scalp and I’m so happy but just wondering can I try the dark colour as I want to create the gray silver dark blueish trendy colour as I love mad funky hair and I’m feeling boring wit hair colour at the moment. I greatly appreciate all comments on this. Have a lovely day

        1. Hi Dawn! That is unfortunate but I’m so glad that these work for you!
          I have used various shades of these and they are all fabulous, I would say if you want darker or brighter colours then don’t mix them with the clear or with conditioner – and the longer you leave it on the brighter and darker it will go!
          Good luck – do let me know how you get on! X

  2. Hi,
    Thank you so much for posting mix ratios and explaining the white mix versus regular conditioner. I have darker brown hair and am starting to get gray strands but not enough to warrant going to the salons every six weeks. The colour refresh looks to work fantastic with blonde hair. Since gray hair has a different texture and doesn’t hold color the same as natural hair, does this product hold up in covering gray hair?

    1. Hi MountainGirl!
      I have a couple of them sneaking through! But I know my mum has used these on her hair (which is grey) and they do cover well. I would say if you are looking to blend them in with your darker brown hair then don’t mix with conditioner or the white mix so that you get more of a clear colour rather than just a toner. Hope this works for you! X

    1. Hi Anca! Yes these do still work on gray hair, I would use less white mix or conditioner if you are wanting a darker colour so is a clearer colour rather than just a toner. If you are looking for a dark gray then maybe mix a little conditioner to lighten the black slightly. I think a good indicator is to mix it up so that the colour of the mixture is pretty much the colour you would like your hair and then go from there. As these don’t damage the hair at all you can always mix again and go darker if you want to! Hope this works for you! X

  3. Hi, I only have the white mix at home, could you mix this with purple shampoo and leave it on as a mask?! I don’t like using purple shampoo in its own as I end up with purple streaks in my hair

    1. Hi Megan,
      That is a good question! The white mix dilutes the pigment in the toners so I don’t see why it wouldn’t do the same for toning shampoo. Maybe try it for a few minutes first to test it out?
      I would love to know how you get on! X

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