How to Grow Hair Faster!

How to Grow Hair Faster!


As a former salon owner SO many people ask: How can I grow hair faster? Do these products work? Well, yes and no – there is no secret to have long hair overnight, but there are things you can do to speed the process up. So here is a breakdown on how to grow hair faster! (There is also a Cruelty Free Brand List at the end of this post!)

Grow Hair Faster!
Grow Hair Faster!


Hair Growth Shampoos, Conditioners and Treatments

Hair Growth Products
Hair Growth Products

There are so many products claiming to make hair grow faster, and while there are some that can help with this in general, unfortunately, it is a bit of a fad. Hair growth treatments that tell you to apply the product to your scalp and massage for 5-10 minutes? No. It is massaging your scalp for 5-10 minutes that will help your hair grow not the product itself. That being said, products with stimulating ingredients such as caffeine or tea tree will help stimulate the scalp too. My favourites are Watermans Grow Me Shampoo & Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo. Using these types of products you will notice your scalp tingle and start turning pink – this is the blood circulating to your scalp which in turn promotes faster hair growth. So don’t buy into a brand that claims to make your hair grow, be smart about it! Look for stimulating shampoos (such as the ones mentioned) and leave this on for a few minutes to get the blood flowing. Conditioners won’t do a lot for your scalp as slapping this all over will probably just make your hair greasy, but be sure to use a good deep conditioner to replenish the moisture that stimulating shampoos will strip out. And regarding treatments, if you use hair masks (which you should!) then go ahead and massage this in for as long as your fingers can handle – or even better use oils.


Using Oils For Hair

Using oils as hair masks and treatments is so much more beneficial than using a typical hair mask. The results from using oils are incredible. They repair damaged ends, sooth the scalp, give incredible shine and so much more. Apply oil all over your hair before you are going to wash it, concentrating on the ends and then massaging the rest into your scalp (above). Leave for as long as you are able (overnight if you can), then wash your hair as normal. Coconut oil is my personal favourite, but using castor oil on your scalp will help to get the circulation flowing. Most cruelty free brands will also have some sort of hair oil (cruelty free brand list at the bottom of the post), and honestly the more you can use the better!


Does Trimming Hair Make It Grow Faster?

Grow Hair Faster!

No, no it doesn’t. Cutting the ends off of your hair will in no way make it come out of your head any quicker. However, trimming your hair will make it get LONGER faster. If your ends are split or dry, they will break off. As an example, if your hair grows ½ inch per month but also snaps off ½ inch per month, it isn’t going to get any longer, whereas if you trim off less than it grows you will gain length a lot faster! A comment I have heard a lot is “my hair has stopped growing” – no, no it hasn’t. If you colour your hair and still get roots it has not stopped growing – chances are it is just breaking off as much if not more than it grows so isn’t getting any longer.

Repair Damaged Hair

You don’t necessarily have to cut off your ends every 6 weeks if you are trying to grow your hair, but you definitely do have to look after it. As mentioned above using oil treatments will help to prevent breakage and can even repair ends over a period of time. BUT, and here is the kicker, the biggest form of damage to hair is from heat. So if you are serious about wanting to repair your hair and grow it longer faster, using heat is a straight up no no. Straighteners and tongs etc are hard to give up, so if this is something you will find difficult at least just try to cut it down to special occasions. Believe it or not, natural healthy hair is always beautiful – frizziness is caused by dryness and damage. So while you may feel like your hair looks better when its straightened, every time you use them you are making your situation a whole lot worse. Imagine putting your hand inside the straightener? It burns! Just think what that’s doing to your hair.

Hair Oils
Hair Oils

With frazzled ends and straighteners it’s a bit of a downward spiral. We all know that straighteners will smooth out frizzy damaged ends, but it is burning it even more every time so will just keep breaking and getting shorter regardless of how many oils or treatments you use. Heat protection sprays are an absolute must if you do use heat occasionally, but still think about whether you would trust it to protect your skin when touching an iron!? If you have short snapped pieces (these are usually around the face at the front) then do not use heat to try and hide them. Tuck them behind your ear if you can or use hairspray if needed to blend them in. If you don’t particularly like your natural hair (at the moment, because trust me once it’s healthy you will!) then there are hundreds of heatless hairstyles and hacks to help while you’re healing your hair. Pinterest and YouTube are great for these. And if you are a curly girl like me, embrace it! Some of my favourites are the Osmo Curl CollectionLush Cosmetics Curly Wurly & the Shea Moisture Curl & Shine range. Starting my curly journey was the best thing I ever did for my hair!

Another thing that should probably go without saying, is to avoid damaging colours on your hair. If this is something you will struggle with, try using toning shampoos to stretch out your colour for as long as possible. Another of my favourtie collections is the Maria Nila Colour Refreshers, these are fantastic for stopping you getting bored with your colour and will do absolutely no damage whatsoever.


Supplements & Diets

Using supplements can work to increase hair growth, but tread carefully. There are a lot of companies claiming to sell “miracle” tablets that will give you long hair almost instantly, but this won’t be the case. The main ingredient in these products is Biotin, which by itself does work and is a lot cheaper to buy in its own form than with a mix of other ingredients in fancy packaging. I myself have used Biotin and can vouch for it, it works. Just bare in mind that it works everywhere! To help my hair grow faster I was willing to shave my legs twice as often – but this will depend on how far you want to go for Rapunzel locks!
It should go without saying really, but diet and general health do have a big part to play in the health and growth of your hair. Drinking plenty of water, eating a balanced diet and getting plenty of sleep (things we should all do anyway!) will make a difference to not only your hair but your skin and overall state of mind.


So with this motivation, Go Go Go!!

To Grow Hair Faster :

  • Use stimulating shampoos with deep conditioners
  • Have your ends trimmed or use oils and treatments regularly – with lots of massaging!
  • Care for your hair – don’t burn it! Treat your hair how you want it to treat you!
  • Take care of your diet and health in general.

It is possible to grow your hair faster, and once you get into the swing of things it really is noticeable pretty quickly! But don’t buy into “miracle” brands, just be smart and treat your hair with the respect it deserves – it will serve you well!

Love your hair, and it will love you back!

Cruelty Free Brand List

Grow Hair Faster!
Grow Hair Faster!

Hair Products I Love:
Osmo Curl Collection
Maria Nila Colour Refresh
LUSH Curly Wurly

Please feel free to ask any questions or leave comments below!! 😊


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3 thoughts on “How to Grow Hair Faster!

  1. Love this blog post! I wish I had read it ages ago. I had a salon trip back when I was 20 where they cut way too much off and despite labeling myself as an “adult” definitely had a breakdown over it. Which in your opinion is the best product for hair growth?

    1. Hi Samantha! Thank you! I don’t think there is ever an age that isn’t acceptable to have a breakdown over a bad haircut! Personally, I love the Watermans Grow Me Shampoo, and then use a deep hair mask such as the Aveda Damage Remedy (which I have just made a blog post on!). Biotin definitely works if you’re prepared for hair growth everywhere! And 100% coconut oil as much as possible!

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