MUA Lipstick Review & Swatches

MUA Lipstick Review & Swatches

MUA Lipstick


These MUA Lipsticks are like little bullets of pure colour! The shade range is awesome – and for such an affordable brand is really impressive! I would say that it makes it difficult to decide on which shades to get, but when you see the price of these lipsticks you will understand why it is perfectly acceptable to just get them all!!


MUA Claims:
MUA Lipsticks offer a shade for every occasion in easy to wear colours.
With just one swipe you’ll have fantastic colour pay off resulting in gorgeous lips! Why not pick a shade you’ve not tried before and get a new look?


And why not indeed MUA! While these shades are so pigmented, there are bang on by saying that they are easy to wear. All of them! Even the brightest shades seem to immediately look “right” even if they are out of your comfort zone. I started with 8 shades, and while their shade-naming system does seem a bit random I will do my best to give my own description for each!


MUA Lipstick MUA Lipstick




Bare – Exactly what I would call a Nude with a beige/neutral undertone.

Shade 9 – Unusual shade! Definitely a nude but with more of a brown undertone and a shimmer finish.

Shade 7 – Gorgeous! A beautiful and subtle pale pink – perfect for Spring & Summer!

Tulip – A stunning baby pink, brighter but still wearable and would suit everyone.

Pomegranate – A more vibrant hot pink with red undertones, great for a more colourful look.

Coral Flush – Exactly what it says on the tin. A bright but understated coral.

Shade 13 – I would refer to this as a “glamourous” red – bright but elegant.

Vintage Rouge – A deep red with rich brown undertones.

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As someone who usually sticks with a nude lip, a few of these would definitely normally be out of my comfort zone (Pomegranate & Coral Flush for example). That being said, I am so glad I mixed up my usual choices! These colours really are stunning, and this is just 8 shades from the range – there are 18 in total to choose from! If I had to choose my current favourites I would go with Shade 7, Tulip and Vintage Rouge.

The application of these is great, very smooth and easy to glide on (however they are firm enough not to make a complete mess as would probably be the case using brighter shades with me…). In regards to staying power, these do transfer. Not horrendously, but if you’re eating or drinking just bare in mind that the more vibrant shades may wear off. It is super easy to layer these up though, so just a quick touch up is all you’d need.

MUA Lipstick

Packaging wise these are pretty standard as lipstick packaging goes, glossy black packaging with the shade showing at the bottom. These aren’t the most heavy duty lipsticks I’ve seen, but for the price I think they are spot on.


So here is the big part. The price. Now to me, affordable lipsticks pretty much means anything under £10 (under £5 and I start getting a little too over excited). But, the MUA Lipsticks come in at……. £1.00. £1.00! How is that even possible!? Either way, MUA is serious. The quality of these lipsticks for that price is insane!


MUA Lipstick Swatches MUA Lipstick Swatches

















I am so impressed with these lipsticks, and it makes it easy to build up a collection with such a wide range of shades. So whether you are a beginner with makeup or looking to expand your current lipstick collection, the MUA Lipsticks are the perfect answer! Fabulous!!

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MUA Lipstick

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