LUSH Hair Custard Review

LUSH Hair Custard Review


Lush Hair Custard


LUSH Hair Custard not only has an incredibly yummy sounding name, but is incredibly yummy in every aspect to match. It has completely won me over altogether. I was a little apprehensive at first, as I am personally not a fan of heavy cream styling products as they tend to weigh my curly hair down and build up. BUT! I was so impressed with this product that it has become a genuine staple in my hair care routine – and an absolute bonus is it smells insane!

Lush Hair Custard

LUSH Claims:
A supremely creamy tub of comforting vanilla pod infusion and exquisite argan oil, whipped up into a mouth-watering hair dessert. The proof is in the pudding (and in the layers of softening Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, beeswax and honey, of course). A mere trifle is all you need to lightly style, hydrate and perfume in one. Dab on wet ends or scrunch through dry hair for light hold and protective hydration.


So. I’m sure just from reading the description it is obvious that the scent of this product plays a big role in its attractiveness. To me, it legit smells like Caramac (if you haven’t tried a Caramac – get one. Seriously.) It smells so delicious, and the scent really does last even without refreshing.


As a curly girl, anything that will “oomf” up my hair without weighing it down gets me interested – and when it smells this good!? It would be rude not to! Consistency wise it is fairly self explanatory, literally just like custard. It melts into your palms and becomes a light sort of cream which I wouldn’t usually expect to do much in the way of volume and definition. But it really does create a complete transformation! I do notice a bit of a build up if I use it every day (between washes), so I tend to use on freshly washed hair and then again on a day where I want some of that extra “oomf” rather than using every day. And as I mentioned, the scent will last until the next wash day – better than a hair perfume!

Lush Hair Custard


The Lush Hair Custard is standard for the packaging of LUSH, which I have previously made obvious that I am big fan of. The tub is a great size giving enough product to last but also being convenient for travelling etc. It may have been easier to apply in a pump format rather than a pot, but due to its custard like form that probably wouldn’t have worked. I just dab a finger onto the top of the product in the pot and warm up in my hands before scrunching – there really is no need to scoop out excess amounts of products. A little goes a long way, and it works its magic instantly.


This isn’t exactly on the cheaper side of LUSH’s product pricing at £14.95 for 100g or £29.95 for 200g, but considering the teeny weeny small amount needed it really will last for ages which to me is worth every penny. It is no secret how much of a fan I am of LUSH’s products, and the LUSH Hair Custard is yet another superb addition to my all time favourites!

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Lush Hair Custard

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