Revolution X Soph Full Collection Review & Swatches

Revolution X Soph Full Collection Review & Swatches


Revolution X Soph



I’m not sure if its’ appropriate to be quite as excited as I was about this collection, but after I tried the first Revolution X Soph collaboration I could not wait to get my hands on the new products! When Soph announced on her YouTube channel that she had created more products with Revolution and that they were being released that day, I was literally a woman on a mission. And they are so ridiculously beautiful! So here they all are!!


Revolution X Soph Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup Revolution Soph XThis is just a stunning palette. Such an incredible range of shades, I have already done a full review of this palette (click here for Full Review) but shades that are worth bringing up again are Cuppa Tea, Peaches, Pumpkin and Pine Tree. And Petrol. Just all of them!

Makeup Revolution Soph X





Revolution X Soph Swatches


Revolution X Soph Highlighter Palette

Makeup Revolution Soph XIf you have watched Sophs’ YouTube vidoes you will know that a highlighter palette was a must, and she definitely didn’t hold back! Again I have already included this palette in another review (click here for Full Review). Literally every shade is gorgeous, and any shades that are too light/dark to use as highlighters for your skin tone work fabulously as eyeshadows too!

Makeup Revolution Soph X

Revolution X Soph Swatches

Revolution X Soph Extra Spice Palette

OK, so now onto the new stuff. This palette is so freaking pretty! The shades are in some way bolder than the previous palette but are still so wearable.

Revolution X Soph Extra Spice



This paired with the tones of the first palette make the absolute dream team. The shade Cookie Dough is by far my favourite transition/crease shade I think I have ever used! Lakes is a stunning khaki tone and combined with the rose gold shimmer called Dreams these instantly grabbed my attention, but literally all of the colours are just beautiful.




Revolution X Soph Extra Spice


I love the reversed colour scheme used for the packaging, with the rose gold lid and pale pink writing (opposite to the first palette) and this one as with the first includes a full mirror. As always with Revolution eyeshadows the pigmentation is incredible, and at just £10.00 it really is too good to miss!


Revolution X Soph Extra Spice


Revolution X Soph Extra Spice Swatches


Revolution X Soph Lipsticks

Revolution X Soph Lipstick

Soph plus lipsticks just has to equal nude shades right? Exactly right. There are 3 shades to this collection and i am in love with every single one! The packaging is as cute as you could imagine, with the frosted pink bullet and rose gold lid. Also, these are £4.00! It’s madness!



Revolution X Soph Lipstick


Syrup is the lightest shade of the three and is a stunning pale nude with a brown undertone that looks so natural and elegant.

Cake is more of a rosey nude, and fortunately is my perfect “my lips but better” shade!

Fudge is the darkest shade and is a gorgeous rich brown nude.


Revolution X Soph Lipstick Swatches











Overall, I think it is safe to say I am obsessed with this collection. Even though I do have a fair amount of other palettes I genuinely think that for a beginner these palettes together are everything you would need to create SO many looks. Combining these eyeshadows with the popping highlight shades and beautiful nude lipsticks this collaboration is just absolutely genius! Congratulations Soph – you nailed it!!

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