Inoar Divine Curls Review

Inoar Divine Curls Shampoo & Conditioner Review!


Inoar Divine Curls


So I came across this duo on YouTube on the hunt for Cruelty Free CG Method Approved products. If you have curly hair and you have not heard of Curly Penny – get on it! Other than the fact I already watch pretty much all of her videos, these products in particular caught my attention. Inoar is a Brazilian brand, but I found them on Amazon and jumped straight in!!



Inoar Divine Curls

Inoar Divine Curls“The INOAR Divine Curls line has been designed for those with curly hair – so that you won’t even consider living without them. Composed of Low Poo shampoo, a product free of cumulative ingredients, conditioner, hair mask and curl finishing gel, these products clean your hair just in the right measure and moisturize it without making it heavy, keeping the curl memory for hours, thanks to an active ingredient extracted from golden flax seeds, leaving your hair more flexible and free of frizz, ready to bounce.”





Inoar Divine Curls


Well other than the obviously gorgeous packaging, this duo literally is amazing. The twist top opening is super easy to use and the bottles just look stunning. My hair has a tendency to get rather matted as I have mentioned before, and even just the shampoo made it feel like silk! The ingredients in these products are just awesome and as already mentioned CG Method approved (if you follow the CG Method) AND obviously Cruelty Free.





Inoar Divine Curls Shampoo

Inoar Divine Curls


This shampoo straight up looks like a conditioner. It smells insaneand has a sort of “whipped” consitency. The scent is actually nothing like I have smelt before, kind of coconut but kind of vanilla and kind of fruity….. either way it’s amazing. My hair was already detangled just from the shampoo!





Inoar Divine Curls Conditioner

Inoar Divine Curls


So as if the shampoo doesn’t transform hair into sheer beauty enough, the conditioner really is the cherry on the top. I did panic slightly as it looks really watery and I tend to steer towards thicker conditioners, but this honestly just melts into the hair and made it instantly tangle free. Actual magic….






Inoar Divine Curls

There is also a Mask and a Curl Gel in the range which going on this dreamy duo I have already added to my Amazon basket! There really aren’t enough good things I can say about these, I can’t even put it into words! (It’s difficult to be speechless and blog about it!!!) But I know that I will 100% be repurchasing the Inoar Divine Curls Shampoo & Conditioner for the foreseeable future – along with the other products in the range! I am SO glad I found these through Curly Penny, they are so beautiful it’s scary!!


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