Obsession Makeup Customise Review

Obsession Makeup “Customise” Review


Obsession Swatches



So I actually need a cup of tea to write this one. The Obsession Palettes and Refills seemed a convenient and cheap way to get some potential daily products, but they are SO much more than that! I mean yes they are ridiculously affordable (£1-£2 each – and even cheaper in sales) but they are definitely not just cheap back ups. To be honest I don’t really know where to start – but let’s give it a go!



“Shades that fit. Looks that stand out.”

Obsession Swatches


Obsession Swatches


It really is quite difficult not to get over excited when looking at the range of shades! The pigmentation is bang on and they blend like an absolute dream. These make it super easy to create every day natual looks but the brighter options look so stunning for a more “full on” look. I can’t quite put into words how in love with these I am!



Obsession Swatches

Obsession Swatches










Obsession Swatches


So these were the last additions to my rapidly growing collection, and they are just as awesome as the rest. Not as much of a range as with the eyeshadows which would be expected but the pigmentation and blendability (not sure that’s a word) are just stunning. They have such a natural finish but are so buildable and just look fabulous.


Obsession Swatches





Obsession Swatches



The palettes are almost as exciting as the shades themselves! There are quite a few colour options to choose from and various sizes. Again super affordable (£2-£8) and actually look rather chic! The shadows (bought as singles) “pop out” of their original packaging and easily “pop in” to the palette. A really handy feature is that the backs of the palettes are open, so you can still read the colour names.


So overall there really aren’t enough good things I can say about this whole collection! Such beautiful quality for such an affordable price! Just a word of warning – these are addictive!

Obsession Swatches

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