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Cruelty Free Cleaning

Cruelty Free Cleaning


For anyone who isn’t aware, I am one of those strange people who genuinely loves cleaning. Not quite Mrs Hinch, but not far off – and yes I do have all of her books! Finding cruelty free cleaning alternatives to a lot of the main stream “easy to find” products that are not cruelty free has been a bit of a challenge, especially finding products that actually work! But! I have LOVED the process because it involved lots of testing, and I have finally found my staple products that I now could not be without. Plus – they are so easy to get your hands on when you know! I have put together a list of my go-to current holy grail products and where to find them (there are some brands repeated but that is because they are so darn good) – so please enjoy!!


DriPak Soda Crystals

These little beauties have SO many uses – and they work a treat! I think it may have been when I was approaching 30, but I suddenly felt the need to “service” my washing machine and dishwasher.. (how did I not do this before?). It is so quick and easy and makes such a difference. These are ridiculously cheap and a brilliant product to have stocked up!





DriPak Bicarbonate Of Soda

How I managed without this I will never know. I have a white composite kitchen sink (it looks pretty and seemed like a good idea at the time) and it stains so easily. Pans, spills, even tea bags. But this product is simply genius. Sprinkle on for a few minutes and wipe away and it looks like new every time! Another brilliant use is popping some into a plug hole with a bit of white vinegar (I haven’t listed one but I also use DriPak as is cruelty free) and the bubbles are so satisfying!!! Boil the kettle and pour down, and boom! Clear and lovely smelling plug holes!





At this point it has occurred to me that I am somehow blogging about plug holes – why not!?



Astonish Antibacterial Surface Cleanser

This product doesn’t really need an explanation, it does what it says it does. Smells lovely and clean and gets the job done – really really well!






Astonish Mould & Mildew Blaster

This is another product that has so many uses. It does contain bleach so be careful using any of your favourite cloths with it, but it is pure brilliance and removing things you think you would struggle with. Again I use this on my kitchen sink, but I also depended on this when we started renovating our house (the mould on the windows was unreal) and this cleaned it off without even trying. Its just genius.






This is a fairly recent addition to my cleaning cupboard, and I’m not sure how they do it (witchcraft perhaps..?) but this cleans glass and mirrors – streak free – without any product. Yes that’s right. If there is gunk on them (gross) I do use a glass cleaner (Astonish or Bio-D are good) and then finish with this, but it is literally like magic.





Astonish Non Bio 2 in 1 Liquid

Aaaahh, this product makes my heart happy. I’m not a big fan of doing laundry, but the smell and softness that this product leaves behind is simply beautiful. It makes the whole house smell clean and fresh and lovely while the laundry is hung up to dry, and it lasts on the clothes too – especially bed sheets! I have tried other cruelty free laundry detergents and I always come back to this one, its so affordable and just perfect.






Astonish Oxy Active Plus

To pair with the above, I chuck a scoop of this in the washing machine for “tougher” laundry loads – as mentioned before I work with animals so things can get a little nasty. This deep cleans and still leaves them soft and lovely, but super clean with no dodgy stains or furr!






Method Wood Polish

I’ll be honest, initially I bought this product for the scent. If you like almond, bakewell tarts or marzipan, you’ll love it. It smells delicious – as does the house after using it. I first used this on my dining table which is stained dark wood, and it leaves such a lovely sheen on it (not greasy) and somehow brightens it making it look super fancy! I then tried it on my painted kitchen cabinets – technically wood I suppose but most likely laminate with eggshell paint on top – but it does the same! A lovely sheen and the look immaculate. Plus they do a floor cleaner to match which has the same effect – even on my vinyl plank flooring! These are a little more pricey than the other products, but are worth every penny.





1001 Shampoo

Well here’s a strange one. As my cats seem to use the sofa as their play pen/scratch post/grooming station that area can get grubby pretty quickly. On a whim I decided I was going to wash the sofa and the rug so grabbed this and went for it – I won’t go into detail on what came out of them but you can use your imagination. I mixed this up in a bucket with some warm water, and used a soft upholstery brush to go over everything – it was incredible! I mean I knew it was grubby, but dang! The difference was epic. Super easy to use and handy to have around.





1001 Carpet Fresh

This, along with the 1001 Shampoo, are recent additions for me. To be perfectly honest I didn’t actually know this brand was cruelty free so had never tried them. I grabbed one of these when I bought the shampoo, and bought 4 more the next day. I am obsessed! Shake and spray, the scent it leaves is insane! I don’t just use this on carpets either, the sofa, the mattress, the bed sheets…. even the curtains! It makes the whole house smell so fresh and I am in love.






And last but definitely not least….


My love for Zoflora developed a few years ago, I initially diluted it down in a spray bottle to use on the kitchen worktops but slowly learnt all the hacks and different ways it can be used – if you’re not sure, get on YouTube! A few of my favourites other than a spray bottle are wiping on radiators (I get excited for the heating to come on and release the smell), a capfull in the plug holes, mix with fabric softener and water to spray upholstery, dilute into a spray mop.. the list goes on. I am not ashamed to say that I have a designated cupboard in my living room which contains only Zoflora, a bit over the top perhaps but they deserve it – especially those limited edition scents! If you’re not on the Zoflora hype, I strongly recommend hopping on!




Although these are my current top favourite products, a few other brands that are definitely worth mentioning are Bio-D, Ecozone and Marcel’s!


Happy cleaning!


Shop these products!

Big Green Smile

Ethical Superstore


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The Pip Box – Limited Edition Beauty Kit In Partnership with Cruelty Free International!

The Pip Box – Limited Edition Beauty Kit In Partnership with Cruelty Free International!

The Pip Box – Limited Edition Beauty Kit In Partnership with Cruelty Free International!


The Pip Box


When The Pip Box approached me about this Limited Edition box I was beyond excited. I have used their subscription service before, and the value for money is astounding. But this!? This box is worth £110!! On top of this 25% of the profits are being donated to Cruelty Free International. This really is just fantastic. So! What do we have!?

The Pip Box



Starting at the top, The Pip Box have included a “Mini Guide” to Cruelty Free Beauty. Along with some facts and Q&A’s about Cosmetic Animal Testing, there is also a breakdown of all the products included in this glorious box.



Kewekó Refreshing Toner

RRP £27.00

The Pip Box“Starting off with a luxury treat, this beautifully packaged mist delivers a hydrating and refreshing boost to skin. Mist on to cleansed face morning and night. Gently pat into skin until fully absorbed.”


7th Heaven Pink Guava Peel Off Mask

RRP £1.00

The Pip Box“Deeply cleanse and purify pores with the new 7th Heaven Pink Guava Peel Off mask. Bursting with antioxidant rich ingredients including Vitamin C, pressed Mangosteen and crushed Guava – this heavenly fruity medley will help remove dead skin cells and reveal super soft squeaky clear skin. Perfect for a pamper night.”


Lily Lolo Natural Eye Pencil in Brown

RRP £7.50

“Enriched with moisturising and conditioning ingredients which are excellent for sensitive skin. Its soft and smooth application combined with a rich colour pay-off make this Natural eye Pencil perfect to outline, define and enhance your eyes.”

The Pip Box


iGlow Long Lashes Serum

RRP £53.00

The Pip Box“iGlow is the lash serum tat keeps its promises. Longer looking and healthier lashes in 3 to 12 weeks.”



The Natural Deodorant Co. Clean Deodorant Balm Palmarosa + Mandarin

RRP £6.00

The Pip Box“Clean Deodorant Balm is bound to become your ‘go-to’ deodorant. This creamy balm melts into skin effortlessly and is perfect for daily use on all skin types. A clever combination of antibacterial magnesium and sodium bicarbonate provide all day odour protection. Coconut oil and shea butter nourish delicate underarm skin.”


Purple Tree Skincare Pomegranate Miracle Balm

RRP £3.99

The Pip Box“Pomegranate Miracle Balm uses natural Pomegranate Oil, to moisturise and provide relief from dry, cracked and irritated lips and skin. Its multi-purpose formula has many beauty uses too, such as smoothing and taming brows or fixing glitter make-up looks. A handbag essential for your moisturising and beauty needs.”


Silvan Skincare Anise Lip Balm

RRP £5.00

The Pip Box“Silvan Skincare’s beautiful began Anise Lip Balm is packed with shea butter,m jojoba, olive and apricot oils with star anise and sweet orange to moisturise and protect. Their range of lip, body and skin balms are made with the highest quality organic and sustainably sourced plant-based ingredients.”


Urban Veda Travel Friendly Face Wash

RRP £3.99

The Pip Box“With a gentle formula that won’t strip your skin of moisture, this cleanser effectively removes all traces of makeup and bacteria, whilst enveloping your skin in softness. Head to their website to test out the full range from exfoliator to moisturisers.”


Friendly Soap Hair and Body Bar

RRP £2.11

The Pip Box“This natural handmade shampoo and body bar cleans, nourished, conditions and promotes healthy hair growth whilst helping eco-conscious consumers to cut down on plastic bottled liquid shampoos and hand washes. All their soaps are Free from Palm Oil, Parabens, Sulphates, Triclosan, Phthalates and Cruelty, as well as being boxed in plastic free recycled (and recyclable) packaging.”


Aldi Kickstart shower gel

RRP £0.55

The Pip Box“Kick start your day with a blast of freshness! Packed with natural essential oils and extracts. pH balanced. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. At only 55p this shower gel makes cruelty free certified products more accessible and affordable.”


Primark 9 Shade Eye Palette Amber Edition

RRP £3.00

Primark Palette“Budget friendly and available on the high street, Primark is the perfect go to store for all your make-up essentials. included in your Limited Edition Box is a new-to-the-market eyeshadow palette with a mix of mattes, shimmers and metallic finished.”

Primark Palette









Also, I do feel I have to home in on that last one – Primark is Cruelty Free!

Primark Cruelty Free


The Pip Box


The Pip Box has been putting these beautiful boxes together for a couple of years now (since 2016), and the value, quality and range of products is superb. On top of the 25% being donated to Cruelty Free International for this particular box, every normal monthly box donates 50p to Animal Free Research UK. There are various subscription plans to choose from, with rewards for referring friends and Pip Points!


Click here to visit The Pip Box!

The Pip Box


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Cruelty Free Haircare Brands At Superdrug

Cruelty Free Haircare Brands At Superdrug

Cruelty Free Brands at Superdrug



B Blonde (Jerome Russell)




Bleach London


Colour Freedom (Knight & Wilson)




Faith In Nature


Fudge Urban


Hair O


Hair Revolution


Knight & Wilson


Mane ‘n Tail


Maui Moisture


Natura Siberica





Pick & Mix (Superdrug)








Scott Cornwall


Shea Moisture


Style Expertise (Superdrug)


Style Freedom (Knight & Wilson)




Trevor Sorbie




Twisted Sista


Yes To





Cruelty Free Foundation Guide

Cruelty Free Foundation Guide

Cruelty Free Foundation


Cruelty Free Foundation


Here are my current favourite Cruelty Free Foundations – in no particular order!!


e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation

elf flawless finish foundation


Full Review


ZAO Silk Foundation

ZAO Silk Foundation

(34.95) – Discount Code

Full Review & Discount Code


Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation

Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation


Full Review


BWC Ultimate Natural Liquid Foundation

BWC Foundation

(£12.50) – Discount Code

Full Review & Discount Code


PHB Pure Skin Organic Liquid Foundation

PHB Pure Skin Liquid Foundation

(£19.95) – Discount Code

Full Review & Discount Code


LUSH Jackie Oates Colour Supplement

LUSH Jackie Oates Foundation



INIKA Liquid Foundation

INIKA Foundation

(£33.00) – Discount Code

Full Review & Discount Code


BB Creams!

Physicians Formula BB Cream

Physicians Formula BB Cream



Lily Lolo BB Cream

Lily Lolo BB Cream



e.l.f. BB Cream

elf BB Cream






Cruelty Free VS Vegan

Cruelty Free VS Vegan

Cruelty Free VS Vegan – What’s the difference?



When I first decided to make the transition to become Cruelty Free, I genuinely assumed if a brand was certified as Vegan then that would mean it does not involve animals – at all, right? Wrong. Bizarrely, just because a brand is certified as Vegan does not mean that its’ products are not tested on animals. Crazy! To me that defeats the whole idea of being Vegan in the first place if the products then go on to be tested on animals! And on the other side there are brands that while they claim to be Cruelty Free also sell their products in China or only state that their products are not tested on animals… but do not mention their ingredients or third party involvement.


So! What is the difference and how can we be sure?

It is not always clear what is Cruelty Free or Vegan, so here is a rough guideline on what these actually mean:

Cruelty FreeCruelty Free

– products are not tested on animals – at all. Not just the finished products, but the ingredients or any third party involvement. Also, if a brand sells its’ products in a country where animal testing is required by law (such as China) then the brand as a whole is not Cruelty Free.


– products are 100% free of any animal ingredients or ingredients that are derived from animals. These brands will find alternatives instead, such a Glycerine. However, a brand that is Vegan Certified is not neccesarily Cruelty Free.



Basically, they are completely different concepts. Brands that are Cruelty Free are not necessarily Vegan, and vise versa. On the whole, brands tend to be pretty proud if they have received certification for being either of these and will display their certified logo on their website and products. Not always though, so I tend to look in their “about” pages and they will usually clarify their status there. If I find I am having to hunt a little too hard to find some sort of clarification, then I start to become suspicious and doubtful. There is also the Parent Company situation for some brands, but that is a whole issue in itself that is down to personal opinion – I have a full discussion post on this – Where To Draw The Line?


Cruelty Free


The main and ultimate mission of Belles’ Bunnies is to highlight cosmetic animal testing and create awareness of just how many brands are still testing on animals. The Cruelty Free Brand List on Belles’ Bunnies is constantly updated, which hopefully makes the whole process of shopping a lot easier! Overall, an official certification such as Leaping Bunny or PETA is a clear way to ensure a brand is Cruelty Free, and in my experience brands that are genuinely Cruelty Free are proud and display this for all to see!



Download the Cruelty Free UK Brand List!

How to be Beautiful – and still Cruelty Free!

How to be Beautiful – and still Cruelty Free!


Cruelty Free


Cruelty Free Cosmetics are becoming more popular in the beauty industry, however it is so upsetting to see so many brands and major brands still testing their products on animals. Campaigns and petitions are constantly fighting to spread awareness, although it does still surprise me just how many people are still unaware that the brands they buy from still do this. The cosmetic industry is worth over £66 billion, and while over 60% of the population are “against” animal testing, over 250 of the top selling cosmetic brands still test on animals.

What specifies on whether a brand is classed as cruelty free? 

Brands must meet the following criteria:

  • Do not conduct or commission new animal testing
  • Only use new ingredients when human safety can be established without animal testing
  • Do not sell cosmetic products in countries requiring animal testing

Basically, no products or ingredients from the company or its suppliers are tested on animals. As there are so many beautiful cruelty free brands out there, I just don’t see why other brands still allow it! So what alternatives do these brands have? In countries where cosmetic animal testing is banned, manufactures do still have to show that a product meets health, hygiene and safety standards – this is required by law. However, the simplest way is to avoid ingredients that have already been shown to be unsafe, and many brands test their products on human volunteers or in clinical trials – causing no suffering or pain to any animals! So! Let’s focus on the wonderful brands that are Cruelty Free and proud!


There is hope! 

Cruelty Free Brands
Cruelty Free Brands


There are a number of sites listing brands that are cruelty free, such as Peta & Cruelty Free International to help out if Cruelty Free Cosmetics is a new chapter in your life – it can seem a little overwhelming. When deciding to make the transition it became difficult to find out which brands were cruelty free and which brands tested on animals, and when I did find a brand I wanted to try they were usually an American or European brand meaning I had to find ways of getting these products online (which also usually resulted in high shipping costs and import taxes).

There is a Cruelty Free Brand List which is constantly updated, and all the brands are available to purchase in the UK!




Making the change to be cruelty free can seem daunting and expensive. Not knowing where to start can make the whole process just too much hassle, and most of us are not in the position to be able to throw away almost every product we have and buy everything from new. If this relates to you, there is a Guide For Becoming Cruelty Free, to help break down the transition and make the whole process a lot easier! Breaking this down makes it a lot simpler  to switch out your every day items such as moisturiser or foundation, down to the less obvious products like laundry detergent.


So What else can we do?

In March 2013, a ban was passed in the UK and all members of the European Union, making it illegal to test products or their ingredients on animals – this was HUGE! Since then, there are many countries now fighting to introduce the same regulations all over the world. While this may sound like incredible progress (and in so many ways it is!), unfortunately over 100 million animals are killed every year, with many more still experiencing the torture of animal testing . Beauty is an insanely profitable industry, and there is such a long way to go. In my opinion, cosmetics are a luxury that we as humans choose to use and wear, and how anyone can justify putting innocent animals through agony for our vanity is beyond me.

As someone who is passionate about this issue, I tend to focus on the positives and the ethical brands rather than inserting images of the devastating effects cosmetic testing has on animals. Although if you are interested there are a few sites that can give more information and statistics on this such as Speaking Of ResearchAbout Animal Testing & Cruelty Free Int Statistics.

Numerous charities and petitions are committed to this cause, and honestly every little helps! If this is something that interests you, you can check some of these out here.

There are so many ways to help to protect our animals from cosmetic testing, and anything you can do at all – as small as it may seem, will help to make a difference.

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The Mystery Blogger Award!

The Mystery Blogger Award!

The Mystery Blogger Award

Mystery Blogger

Thank you Paige – Chunky Cookiez for the nomination of this award!


Where did this award come from and what is it?

The award was created and started by Okoto Enigma over at

It was started to give newer and smaller bloggers like myself recognition and support whilst giving bloggers the chance to connect and discover other blogs.

Quote: “Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion.” – Okoto Enigma


What are the rules?

  1. Put the award logo/image on your blog.
  2. List the rules on your blog.
  3. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  4. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link to them.
  5. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
  6. You must nominate 10-20 people.
  7. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog or on social media.
  8. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question.
  9. Share a link to your best post(s)


3 Things About Me! 
I used to own a Hair & Beauty Salon but now work with animals in kennels!
My favourite food is cheese!
I think everything is meant to be, and is always better with a cup of tea!

My 3 best posts so far are :
Cruelty Free Guide 
How to Grow Long Hair Faster! 


My Nominees are:


Chunky Cookiez Questions!

What is your greatest achievement?

I recently relocated across the country to move in with my boyfriend. We bought our first home, and I have been fortunate enough to make the career change from hairdressing to animal care!

What made you become a blogger?

Cruelty free cosmetics and animal testing is something I have felt strongly about for years. It was a difficult transition for me when I first made the change to cruelty free as there was so little information out there on brands and animal testing policies. I had kept saying that I should start a blog with all of the information I had managed to find to change so that it would be easier for others! It also still amazes me just how many people aren’t even aware that brands still test on animals. It took me almost a year to build up the courage to even start this blog! But I am loving it and want to spread awareness of animal testing and promote brands who are cruelty free and proud!

Who is your inspiration for blogging?

I recently came across LynSire . LynSire is an * based Cruelty Free Living blog, and although we are in completely different parts of the world seeing someone else trying to spread awareness and being SO successful in the process is so inspiring. Her blog is clean and stylish, and after a DM on Twitter she is such a lovely and helpful person!

Besides blogging do you have a hobby? if so, what is it?

I have been a musician since a child and still play piano. I work alot at the moment and work on my blog every chance I get, but I still love all things music and have my piano (my 21st birthday present!) proudly standing in my living ready for me!

Weird/Fun question: What would you do if the whole world got overrun by zombies or some other post apocalyptic being?

Hide. I would be awful in this sort of situation, I would like to think I would attempt to “blend in” and hope to go unnoticed, but I’ll keep it real – I’d probably just hide!!



Five questions for my Nominees!! 

  1. What is your favourite thing about blogging?

  2. What has been your biggest accomplishment so far? (blogging or in general)

  3. What inspired you to blog about the subject of your blog?

  4. What do you look for when looking for other blogs to follow?

  5. Fun Question! 5 years ago what did you imagine you’d be doing now? And what do you see yourself doing 5 years time?

Go go go! I can’t wait to see what you make of this award, and if you do participate I would love it if you would tag/mention me so I can see your post!