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Cruelty Free Cleaning

Cruelty Free Cleaning


For anyone who isn’t aware, I am one of those strange people who genuinely loves cleaning. Not quite Mrs Hinch, but not far off – and yes I do have all of her books! Finding cruelty free cleaning alternatives to a lot of the main stream “easy to find” products that are not cruelty free has been a bit of a challenge, especially finding products that actually work! But! I have LOVED the process because it involved lots of testing, and I have finally found my staple products that I now could not be without. Plus – they are so easy to get your hands on when you know! I have put together a list of my go-to current holy grail products and where to find them (there are some brands repeated but that is because they are so darn good) – so please enjoy!!


DriPak Soda Crystals

These little beauties have SO many uses – and they work a treat! I think it may have been when I was approaching 30, but I suddenly felt the need to “service” my washing machine and dishwasher.. (how did I not do this before?). It is so quick and easy and makes such a difference. These are ridiculously cheap and a brilliant product to have stocked up!





DriPak Bicarbonate Of Soda

How I managed without this I will never know. I have a white composite kitchen sink (it looks pretty and seemed like a good idea at the time) and it stains so easily. Pans, spills, even tea bags. But this product is simply genius. Sprinkle on for a few minutes and wipe away and it looks like new every time! Another brilliant use is popping some into a plug hole with a bit of white vinegar (I haven’t listed one but I also use DriPak as is cruelty free) and the bubbles are so satisfying!!! Boil the kettle and pour down, and boom! Clear and lovely smelling plug holes!





At this point it has occurred to me that I am somehow blogging about plug holes – why not!?



Astonish Antibacterial Surface Cleanser

This product doesn’t really need an explanation, it does what it says it does. Smells lovely and clean and gets the job done – really really well!






Astonish Mould & Mildew Blaster

This is another product that has so many uses. It does contain bleach so be careful using any of your favourite cloths with it, but it is pure brilliance and removing things you think you would struggle with. Again I use this on my kitchen sink, but I also depended on this when we started renovating our house (the mould on the windows was unreal) and this cleaned it off without even trying. Its just genius.






This is a fairly recent addition to my cleaning cupboard, and I’m not sure how they do it (witchcraft perhaps..?) but this cleans glass and mirrors – streak free – without any product. Yes that’s right. If there is gunk on them (gross) I do use a glass cleaner (Astonish or Bio-D are good) and then finish with this, but it is literally like magic.





Astonish Non Bio 2 in 1 Liquid

Aaaahh, this product makes my heart happy. I’m not a big fan of doing laundry, but the smell and softness that this product leaves behind is simply beautiful. It makes the whole house smell clean and fresh and lovely while the laundry is hung up to dry, and it lasts on the clothes too – especially bed sheets! I have tried other cruelty free laundry detergents and I always come back to this one, its so affordable and just perfect.






Astonish Oxy Active Plus

To pair with the above, I chuck a scoop of this in the washing machine for “tougher” laundry loads – as mentioned before I work with animals so things can get a little nasty. This deep cleans and still leaves them soft and lovely, but super clean with no dodgy stains or furr!






Method Wood Polish

I’ll be honest, initially I bought this product for the scent. If you like almond, bakewell tarts or marzipan, you’ll love it. It smells delicious – as does the house after using it. I first used this on my dining table which is stained dark wood, and it leaves such a lovely sheen on it (not greasy) and somehow brightens it making it look super fancy! I then tried it on my painted kitchen cabinets – technically wood I suppose but most likely laminate with eggshell paint on top – but it does the same! A lovely sheen and the look immaculate. Plus they do a floor cleaner to match which has the same effect – even on my vinyl plank flooring! These are a little more pricey than the other products, but are worth every penny.





1001 Shampoo

Well here’s a strange one. As my cats seem to use the sofa as their play pen/scratch post/grooming station that area can get grubby pretty quickly. On a whim I decided I was going to wash the sofa and the rug so grabbed this and went for it – I won’t go into detail on what came out of them but you can use your imagination. I mixed this up in a bucket with some warm water, and used a soft upholstery brush to go over everything – it was incredible! I mean I knew it was grubby, but dang! The difference was epic. Super easy to use and handy to have around.





1001 Carpet Fresh

This, along with the 1001 Shampoo, are recent additions for me. To be perfectly honest I didn’t actually know this brand was cruelty free so had never tried them. I grabbed one of these when I bought the shampoo, and bought 4 more the next day. I am obsessed! Shake and spray, the scent it leaves is insane! I don’t just use this on carpets either, the sofa, the mattress, the bed sheets…. even the curtains! It makes the whole house smell so fresh and I am in love.






And last but definitely not least….


My love for Zoflora developed a few years ago, I initially diluted it down in a spray bottle to use on the kitchen worktops but slowly learnt all the hacks and different ways it can be used – if you’re not sure, get on YouTube! A few of my favourites other than a spray bottle are wiping on radiators (I get excited for the heating to come on and release the smell), a capfull in the plug holes, mix with fabric softener and water to spray upholstery, dilute into a spray mop.. the list goes on. I am not ashamed to say that I have a designated cupboard in my living room which contains only Zoflora, a bit over the top perhaps but they deserve it – especially those limited edition scents! If you’re not on the Zoflora hype, I strongly recommend hopping on!




Although these are my current top favourite products, a few other brands that are definitely worth mentioning are Bio-D, Ecozone and Marcel’s!


Happy cleaning!


Shop these products!

Big Green Smile

Ethical Superstore


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Filthy Candles Review!

Filthy Candles Review!

Filthy Candles Review!


Filthy Candles


Filthy Candles is an absolute gem that I came across on Instagram (you can check this out here!) and I am SO in love! Not only are Filthy Candles made from 100% Soybean Oil, natural, biodegradable, free from pesticides, Vegan friendly AND are Cruelty Free, but they are also just so freaking cute! There is a stunning vintage vibe to each and every candle – and you can tell they are made with such passion! So! I have 3 candles from the collection – lets get started!

Filthy Candles

“My main focus is turning old items into beautiful, Eco friendly soy wax candles.
As an absolute animal lover, these candles are cruelty free and vegan friendly as they are made from 100% soybean oil. My cheeky companion, Kevin Bacon likes to help with my candle making – she can be such a rascal for the scented ones! I have a lot of ideas, and almost all of my products are unique and one-of-a-kind so please watch this space for more as I’m still quite new to this and just getting started setting up my shop!”

Vintage Bone China Tea Cup Candle

This – regardless of anything else – is simply beautiful. An absolutely gorgeous set that is so stunning it could just be a display piece. That however would be a huge waste! This candle smells absolutely incredible before it is even lit! Such a gorgeous and understated floral scent that literally fills the room instantly. (£6.00 – £8.00)

Soy Wax Pot Candle infused with Lavender and Amyethyst

So this is an interesting one, not only is it in a super adorable plant pot (decorated with a bow no less…) but this opens a whole new door to crystals and their benefits. This amazing little plant pot contains a hidden amethyst stone within the wax – a powerful and protective stone that has many healing properties. “It guards against psychic attack, transmuting the energy into love and protects you from all types of harm.” Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer, it relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety.. the list goes on. On top of that (as if that isn’t enough!) it smells absolutely divine! (£6.00)

Soy Wax Vintage Tin Candle


As if these candles couldn’t get “unique” enough – this is just genius! I received the “Valda Pastilles” tin and it is so darn cute! (£6.00)

This candle also features wooden wicks – Filthy Candles description below:





Wooden wicks

“Valda Pastilles” genuine vintage tin, transformed into a beutiful, eco-friendly soy wax candle with two wooden wicks. When burning your wooden wick, you will hear that old familiar crackling sound of a campfire as the flame breaks apart the pieces of the wood that make up the candle wick. Even without any scent in the wax, your candle will give off a light wood-burning scent. These wicks are longer lasting; that can contribute many romantic nights of sitting around a faux fireplace. (please allow a few seconds to hover your flame over the wick for it to really catch)”


So! The incredible Filthy Candles has a stunning Etsy shop – full of unique and beautiful candles. (I know – I’ve use the word beautiful a lot but that is literally Filthy Candles in a nutshell!). Another thing I feel I just have to bring up is the packaging. While these candles are not boxed or individually packaged, the whole package (for delivery) included cards along with a ridiculous amount of real petals! The scent just from opening the box was amazing!

The care, passion and love that is clearly behind this whole brand is absolutely mesmerizing and I am so happy to be able to get behind it!


Click here to visit the shop!!!

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Jasmine Rebecca “Butterfly Kisses” Candle Review

Jasmine Rebecca “Butterfly Kisses” Candle Review

Jasmine Rebecca “Butterfly Kisses” Candle Review


Jasmine Rebecca Butterfly Kisses


I came across Jasmine Rebecca on a recent holiday, and was instantly intrigued. She has a gorgeous shop in Polperro, and paired with the cobbled streets and beautiful surroundings it is so heavenly! Of course I had to have a nose, and obviously when I saw that everything is Cruelty Free (and Vegan) and also made using recycled glass –  I couldn’t resist picking myself up a candle to try out! So lets get into it!!


Jasmine Rebecca Butterfly Kisses


Butterfly Kisses – Wisteria, Orange Blossom & White Tea.
“The sweetest of all my candle collection, this is for those with a sweet tooth and penchant for chasing butterflies, and/or kisses 🙂 Playful, warm, sweet as a custard cream biscuit and a cup of tea!”




While I do typically look for candles with sweet scents, the smell of this candle is beyond words! I wouldn’t know quite how to describe it so I’m glad Jasmine has! Custard Cream is definitely a good description! It gives off a stunning subtle sweet scent even when not lit, but when lit the magic really happens.

Jasmine Rebecca Butterfly Kisses


This candle does come in 2 sizes, and had I realised just how much I would love it I would have bought the bigger one! The smaller size is £5.25 and the larger size is £10.00.


Obviously these are sold in her shop, but if you are not in the area or able to make the journey down south (although it is definitely worth a visit!) then fear not! This candle and the other scents are sold on her website, along with other scents, gifts and beautiful art.



A gorgeous shop that makes absolutely perfect gifts – even if you are just gifting yourself!


Click here to visit her website!

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