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Cruelty Free Cleaning

Cruelty Free Cleaning


For anyone who isn’t aware, I am one of those strange people who genuinely loves cleaning. Not quite Mrs Hinch, but not far off – and yes I do have all of her books! Finding cruelty free cleaning alternatives to a lot of the main stream “easy to find” products that are not cruelty free has been a bit of a challenge, especially finding products that actually work! But! I have LOVED the process because it involved lots of testing, and I have finally found my staple products that I now could not be without. Plus – they are so easy to get your hands on when you know! I have put together a list of my go-to current holy grail products and where to find them (there are some brands repeated but that is because they are so darn good) – so please enjoy!!


DriPak Soda Crystals

These little beauties have SO many uses – and they work a treat! I think it may have been when I was approaching 30, but I suddenly felt the need to “service” my washing machine and dishwasher.. (how did I not do this before?). It is so quick and easy and makes such a difference. These are ridiculously cheap and a brilliant product to have stocked up!





DriPak Bicarbonate Of Soda

How I managed without this I will never know. I have a white composite kitchen sink (it looks pretty and seemed like a good idea at the time) and it stains so easily. Pans, spills, even tea bags. But this product is simply genius. Sprinkle on for a few minutes and wipe away and it looks like new every time! Another brilliant use is popping some into a plug hole with a bit of white vinegar (I haven’t listed one but I also use DriPak as is cruelty free) and the bubbles are so satisfying!!! Boil the kettle and pour down, and boom! Clear and lovely smelling plug holes!





At this point it has occurred to me that I am somehow blogging about plug holes – why not!?



Astonish Antibacterial Surface Cleanser

This product doesn’t really need an explanation, it does what it says it does. Smells lovely and clean and gets the job done – really really well!






Astonish Mould & Mildew Blaster

This is another product that has so many uses. It does contain bleach so be careful using any of your favourite cloths with it, but it is pure brilliance and removing things you think you would struggle with. Again I use this on my kitchen sink, but I also depended on this when we started renovating our house (the mould on the windows was unreal) and this cleaned it off without even trying. Its just genius.






This is a fairly recent addition to my cleaning cupboard, and I’m not sure how they do it (witchcraft perhaps..?) but this cleans glass and mirrors – streak free – without any product. Yes that’s right. If there is gunk on them (gross) I do use a glass cleaner (Astonish or Bio-D are good) and then finish with this, but it is literally like magic.





Astonish Non Bio 2 in 1 Liquid

Aaaahh, this product makes my heart happy. I’m not a big fan of doing laundry, but the smell and softness that this product leaves behind is simply beautiful. It makes the whole house smell clean and fresh and lovely while the laundry is hung up to dry, and it lasts on the clothes too – especially bed sheets! I have tried other cruelty free laundry detergents and I always come back to this one, its so affordable and just perfect.






Astonish Oxy Active Plus

To pair with the above, I chuck a scoop of this in the washing machine for “tougher” laundry loads – as mentioned before I work with animals so things can get a little nasty. This deep cleans and still leaves them soft and lovely, but super clean with no dodgy stains or furr!






Method Wood Polish

I’ll be honest, initially I bought this product for the scent. If you like almond, bakewell tarts or marzipan, you’ll love it. It smells delicious – as does the house after using it. I first used this on my dining table which is stained dark wood, and it leaves such a lovely sheen on it (not greasy) and somehow brightens it making it look super fancy! I then tried it on my painted kitchen cabinets – technically wood I suppose but most likely laminate with eggshell paint on top – but it does the same! A lovely sheen and the look immaculate. Plus they do a floor cleaner to match which has the same effect – even on my vinyl plank flooring! These are a little more pricey than the other products, but are worth every penny.





1001 Shampoo

Well here’s a strange one. As my cats seem to use the sofa as their play pen/scratch post/grooming station that area can get grubby pretty quickly. On a whim I decided I was going to wash the sofa and the rug so grabbed this and went for it – I won’t go into detail on what came out of them but you can use your imagination. I mixed this up in a bucket with some warm water, and used a soft upholstery brush to go over everything – it was incredible! I mean I knew it was grubby, but dang! The difference was epic. Super easy to use and handy to have around.





1001 Carpet Fresh

This, along with the 1001 Shampoo, are recent additions for me. To be perfectly honest I didn’t actually know this brand was cruelty free so had never tried them. I grabbed one of these when I bought the shampoo, and bought 4 more the next day. I am obsessed! Shake and spray, the scent it leaves is insane! I don’t just use this on carpets either, the sofa, the mattress, the bed sheets…. even the curtains! It makes the whole house smell so fresh and I am in love.






And last but definitely not least….


My love for Zoflora developed a few years ago, I initially diluted it down in a spray bottle to use on the kitchen worktops but slowly learnt all the hacks and different ways it can be used – if you’re not sure, get on YouTube! A few of my favourites other than a spray bottle are wiping on radiators (I get excited for the heating to come on and release the smell), a capfull in the plug holes, mix with fabric softener and water to spray upholstery, dilute into a spray mop.. the list goes on. I am not ashamed to say that I have a designated cupboard in my living room which contains only Zoflora, a bit over the top perhaps but they deserve it – especially those limited edition scents! If you’re not on the Zoflora hype, I strongly recommend hopping on!




Although these are my current top favourite products, a few other brands that are definitely worth mentioning are Bio-D, Ecozone and Marcel’s!


Happy cleaning!


Shop these products!

Big Green Smile

Ethical Superstore


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CYO Makeup Review & Swatches

CYO Makeup Review & Swatches


CYO Makeup Review and Swatches! As a big fan of the CYO Lifeproof Foundation I decided to all in and try a full base of CYO products (after all, they were on offer!) There are quite a few products to choose from so I didn’t go completely crazy and just buy everything, but I have the products I am most likely to use on a daily basis and have put them to the test. For anyone who doesn’t know, I work outside (with animals) so this is a good test – especially with the current crazy weather! I have combination skin for reference. So, did they hold up??



CYO Lifeproof Long Lasting Foundation

RRP £7.50


“Medium coverage. 24 hour shift. Feels light. Looks smooth. Never cake-y.

• Skin looks flawless yet natural
• Lasts all day
• Skin feels moisturised
• Transfer & smudge proof
• Comfortable to wear”





Straight off the bat I can completely agree with almost all of these claims – it comes in 15 shades and describes the undertones of each shade (I have shade 103 which matches me perfectly). The coverage is as it says, medium, and this is perfect for a natural look that makes my face look more presentable. It is absolutely not cakey, and although it does wear off throughout the day it does so in a really subtle and natural way and doesn’t clog or build up in any areas. The only thing I wouldn’t agree with is transfer proof, however this is only really initially as it does settle well, but for the first 20 minutes or so if I wipe my face (I don’t know why I would do that..) it does transfer a little onto fingers, however it doesn’t smudge on my face.. Magic?


CYO Brush With Brilliance Highlighting Concealer

RRP £5.00


“Multi-tasker conceals. Highlights. Cheeks, brows, nose, Cupid’s Bow.

• Highlights & conceals
• Conceals blemishes & dark circles
• Skin looks brighter & more radiant
• Buildable & blendable
• Lasts all day”





This concealer comes in 3 shades – Fair, Medium and Dark. The only thing that could be a down side to the shades is that I have the shade fair and it isn’t really the light. That being said, I LOVE this concealer. I expected it to be shimmery for some reason (highlighting?) but it isn’t at all, and it genuinely does make me look so much more awake. It doesn’t have loads of coverage, but as with the foundation there is enough coverage to help a girl out but also still look natural. Definitely blendable, and yes it does last. Love it.


CYO It’s A Cover Up High Coverage Concealer

RRP £5.00


“High coverage. Stays put. Bye bye skin imperfections.

• Skin looks flawless
• Full coverage
• Lasts all day”






Yes I did buy 2 concealers, but as said I expected the Highlighting Concealer to be shimmery so wanted to play it safe. I’m glad I did though, as they have completely different results. This concealer also comes in 3 shades – Fair, Medium and Dark, and the Fair shade is definitely lighter. While I wouldn’t say that this is “high” coverage, it is definitely higher than medium. This has more coverage but still looks natural (it amazes me every time) and blends like a dream. I use my finger to apply this and the creamy consistency is simply lovely. Again, love this product – I may say that alot in this post!


CYO Cool As A Coconut Cooling Bronzing Stick

RRP £5.50


“Gives good glow. Glides on face & body; instant sheer bronze. Creamy, lightweight & cooling too. Coconut-y.

• Use to bronze & contour
• For faces & bodies
• Gives skin a healthy, sun kissed glow
• Blendable & buildable
• Water resistant
• Cools on application
• Coconut fragrance”




This is definitely glowy and a little goes a long way, and while there is a risk of this turning into a bronze highlighter if applied minimally this is simply stunning. I use this before any powders, and the powders seem to take away the majority of the “highlighting” effects leaving behind a subtle bronze glow. This glides on beautifully and blends like a dream.


CYO Sweep Into Shape Lip, Blush & Highlight Stick

RRP £5.50


Sculpt and define to glow like a pro with this easy to use lip, blush & highlight stick. Define, highlight and add a flush of blush to your face for a flawless glow. Enhance your best assets with this creamy, easy to blend formula. Sweep over lips for soft, smooth creamy pout that layers up to glow glow glow.

Two ways to endless looks. Creamy soft textures so easy to blend. At one end, a pigmented stick to use on lips for cream finish or blend onto cheeks for that flawless long lasting blush.
Finish with soft highlight that glows not just glitters. Highlight those brow bones. Cheeks and nose bridge get high-lighted. Finish that creamy pout with a bright cupids bow. Face on a high ready to glow.”


OBSESSED! I have previously been a bit nervous about using cream blushes, but the application of this is so controlled and the results are beautiful. Start with a little, and build up from there. It gives such a natural flush to the cheeks and the consistency makes it look SO natural. The highlighting side is more of a natural highligh (compared to blinding highlighters) which for me is perfect. I don’t use the highlighter on a daily basis – not really needed for working with animals – but on a day off wanting to look a bit more glowy this is amazing. Again, love it.


CYO All Set Fixing Powder

RRP £4.00


“Loose powder saves face. Dusts on, fixes look, KO’s shine.

• Sets make-up in place to extend wear
• Reduces the look of pores, fine lines & other skin imperfections
• Feels weightless & Invisible on skin
• Long lasting”






So this is a translucent powder, and I will admit I did panic initially because in the packaging it doesn’t look translucent.. but honestly it is. I dust this under the eyes and t-zone and it holds perfectly. It doesn’t cake, and to be honest other than taking away some shininess it’s not visible. But it is magical! Absolute genius and so affordable.


CYO Set To Last Fixing Spray

RRP £5.00


“fave fixer. For looks that stay put. No smudge. No budge. Fresh-faced, all weathers.

• Ultra-fine, weightless spray
• Keeps make-up looking fresh & flawless
• Keeps that “just applied” look all day
• Moisturising
• Lasts all day”





And to top it all off, this is epic. I always feel strange spraying something wet onto my face after applying makeup (like, won’t it all just run down my face?) but this really does make a difference and no, it doesn’t all run down my face. Definitely ultra fine and weightless, and it’s actually really refreshing in the morning! All weathers is absolutely a claim I can back up, and although I don’t always remember to do this step, it 100% makes all the difference.




Overall, I think it is safe to say I have fallen madly in love with this brand. Not only is it super affordable and there is almost always an offer on at Boots, but the products actually work. I have since tried more of their products (see post here) know I will continue to use these products as staples in my daily routine, and I can’t wait to try more.


Click here to shop CYO at Boots!


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Curls Ultimate Styling Collection! Full Review!

Curls Ultimate Styling Collection! Full Review!

Curls Ultimate Styling Collection! 


Curls Gel UK


I have slowly been working my way through various Cruelty Free curly hair products, finding out what works and which products work well together (which is SO much fun!) and Curls products have been on my list for some time. So when I saw they were launching a new collection of styling products – the Curls Ultimate Styling Collection – I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and bought all 4 products in the collection. So lets break it down below, and then see what it does on type 2c/3a curls!

“CURLS has emerged as a leader in the natural hair care industry. Continued development of new products has further established its unique formulation of certified organic ingredients which are distinctive of the CURLS brand.”



Curls Gel UKRRP £6.99 – 8oz

HOLD: Soft and natural    STYLE: Use for protective styles

liquid derived from castor and rapeseed. Beantree conditions the scalp and hair while retaining moisture and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy feel. It has excellent lubricating and emulsifying properties and seems to be a great replacement for silicones. Use this creamy, buttery, conditioning gel for all of your
protective styles.







Curls Gel UKRRP £6.99 – 8oz

HOLD: Medium  USE:  Roller/Rod set

What is Marshmallow Root? Marshmallow Root or Althea officinalis is a polycrest herb and is also known as a white mallow herb. It’s an African plant with short roundish leaves and small pale flowers. It’s been around for centuries. Super rich in proteins and vitamins, Marshmallow root is also great for soothing and relieving your hair and scalp, and it has INCREDIBLE slip!







Curls Gel UKRRP £6.99 – 8oz

HOLD: Medium USE:  Braid/Twist Out

What is Quinoa? Quinoa proteins add strength

and protection to your hair. This OG superfood is packed with amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of cells, so it’s essential for both skin and hair to flourish. Since the grain has the highest concentration of protein than any other  grain, and it has some of the essential amino acids that your body can’t make on its own.








Curls Gel UKRRP £6.99 – 8oz

HOLD: Firm  STYLE: Use for wash n go styles

Why Aloe Leaf Juice? Aloe Leaf Juice contains something called proteolytic enzymes which repairs dead skin cells on the scalp. It also acts as a great conditioner and leaves your hair smooth and shiny. It promotes hair growth,
prevents itching on the scalp, reduces dandruff and conditions your hair






So! First of all, I have to straight up say that I have not used these products they way they have been intended to be used. Due to my hair type, rod sets and twist outs don’t really work for me. That being said, I have loved each and every one of these products for different reasons that all give different results on my hair type.

The B SMOOTH CURL BUTTER GEL not only smells incredible, but I love using these to refresh. This product doesn’t have much in the way of hold, but when refreshing it gives a strange kind of control and guides the curls back into place without being heavy or piling on more product. And did I mention it smells amazing? Think honey butter. absolutely dreamy.

Next the B ENVIABLE CREAMY CURL GEL is more similar to other products I have used in the past, with a cream like consistency (which I like). This product however is more gel like, but still gives moisture and helps to control frizz. I use this as I would do a regular styling cream and the results are just epic. Light a bouncy but still with some hold – and it smells like marshmallows!

So the next two products are definitely my favourites in the collection..

B DEFINED CURL DEFINING GEL, a cocktail smelling gel that isn’t heavy and doesn’t leave a cast (to be honest I do like to have a gel cast but this product works other miracles..), I use this gel either after or instead of the Creamy Curl Gel, and the definition is insane! After using this and air drying I can literally pick up an entire curl – a whole lovely curl – and each and every curl is clearly defined but still soft looking. Genius!

And last but not least, the B IN CONTROL CURL SCULPTING GEL is the cherry on the top. The smell to this is really difficult to pin down, but the closest I can get to is like fruity vegetables, in a fresh and natural way..? Make any sense at all? Probably not. However, this gives a light gel cast (which we now know I love) and seals everything in. A brilliant product to finish off an easy routing.

Curls Gel UK

I’m not sure whether it is an individual product helping my curls clump together or if it’s a combination of using them together, but either way I am obsessed. After washing and detangling I use the Creamy Curl Gel first, followed by the Curl Defining Gel and a little In Control Sculpting Gel (praying hands!) to top it off. I scrunch away and then leave to air dry and the results are simply fabulous. The definition of my curls is something I have not yet found from products I have tried, and my hair is left bouncy and soft but it still lasts a few days before refreshing (with the Curl Butter Gel). Overall this collection provides pretty much everything you could need for a styling routine.

As I have mentioned with my type 2c/3a curls I am not using these products following their directions or intended use, but the results are still awesome. I can’t wait to keep experimenting and will definitely be trying out more products from Curls!



Click here for Curls UK Stockist! 


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Colourpop No Filter Foundation & Concealer Review and Swatches!

Colourpop No Filter Foundation & Concealer Review and Swatches!

Colourpop No Filter Foundation & Concealer Review and Swatches!


Colourpop No Filter UK


OK, so I am WELL aware that I am extremely late to jump on this train, but at least I’m finally on it! After watching multiple makeup tutorials with these products and researching this into great depths, I realised that the only real way I could sleep at night (a little over dramatic) was to jump in head first and just go for it. So! Here we go!



Colourpop No Filter Natural Matte Foundation

RRP $12.00/£18.99

Colourpop No Filter UK


“Our oil-free, buildable full coverage foundation was formulated with soft blurring pigments to give you a natural matte finish. No filter needed.”


Colourpop No Filter UK

So the first thing I noticed about this foundation is the shade range. Not only is this broken down into skin tone, but also undertone – undertone is a big thing for me as I have a light skin tone, but the majority of foundations I have tried are too beige or too pink. I need yellow (Lisa Simpson anyone?). On top of this, there are 42 shades!!!!!!! Thankfully shade ranges have become much more of a necessity with companies lately and if a brand doesn’t have a good range then it is, frankly, highly inappropriate and there is no excuse. If you need help narrowing down your shade, they have a “Find Your Shade” tab which breaks this down further. AND they have a “Match By Brand” option – genius!!!!




Colourpop No Filter UK

So about the actual foundation. Starting with the packaging, I am in love. A lot of the the tutorials I watched pointed out that as the actual container is made of glass it isn’t particularly travel friendly. As I really don’t stray very far from home this is not a problem for me and I think the glass makes it look more expensive and classy. The other down side to the packaging is that it doesn’t come with a lid. The pump does twist to lock, but if you are a regular traveller I can see why this would be unnerving – a bag covered in foundation is never a pleasure. Again as I don’t travel this is not an issue for me and to be honest I would probably end up losing the lid anyway.


Shade wise these are spot on. I went with Light 50 and Light 70 – one for “with fake tan” and one for without. The yellow undertones are perfect and to be real the photos of a swatch don’t really do that justice (I’m just not quite sassy enough yet to put pictures of my face on the internet!) But the undertones and shades are pretty much bang on as described so you can choose a shade online with confidence.

Colourpop No Filter UK


Application – fabulous. I have tried applying with both a beauty sponge and a brush and both work brilliantly and there isn’t really any difference that I can see. The consistency is in the middle for me, not too runny and not too thick. It instantly makes me think I’m not going to be a cake face, but also that it is actually going to do something. The coverage!? Dang! This stuff means business. That being said a sheer layer is perfect for that “no make-up make-up” look, but build this up!? Mate stop! It covers everything.




The other important thing to me is how long a foundation lasts, or at least how it wears. I am happy for a foundation to fade in a natural way, but if it starts going patchy or flakey then it’s a no from me. I work outside so it is a pretty harsh test for any base product to be honest, but this does not dissapoint. It didn’t oil up, it didn’t dry out, there has been the odd “sink” into fine lines e.g. smile lines but this is normal for me and this was only towards the end of the day (approx 9 hours) later – plus a little blot and these dissapeared and I could have easily gone on for the evening. Overall, I may have found my soul mate, and if you travel I personally think just put it in a clear bag if you’re nervous about the packaging – totally worth it.

Colourpop No Filter UK


Colourpop No Filter Matte Concealer

RRP $6.50/£9.90

Colourpop No Filter UK


“Our full coverage concealer was formulated with soft blurring pigments to give you a creaseproof, matte finish. No filter needed.”


Colourpop No Filter UK

As far as the shade range for this concealer goes it pretty much mirrors the foundation selection. There is again the “Find Your Shade” option and there are 30 shades to choose from – all with detailed descriptions on skin tone and undertones.

The packaging is pretty standard for a concealer with a doe foot applicator (lid included this time and actually reminded me of a paddle rather than a doe foot). I chose the shades Fair 08 and Light 10 – again the undertones and shades were exactly what I was expecting and brighten/conceal perfectly pair with the foundation and the swatch pictures still don’t do this justice.



Colourpop No Filter UK

Application wise this honestly goes on like a dream. The consitency is perfectly creamy, again not too thick and no too runny. It covered up just enough to make my skin look “healthy” without looking cakey. Blending this out was ridiculously easy too. I tend to use my fingers, but I did test this with both a sponge and brush for the purpose of this review and had pretty much the same effect. On a side note, these to together and like ying and yang. The blend together beautifully.


Staying power again was pretty impressive. This did settle into lines a little quicker than the foundation, but this was mainly smile lines – what can I say I’m clearly just a smiley person! And as with the foundation with a little blot from my finger and these dissapeared and it continued to look flawless.


This concealer makes me think of a concealer/undereye illuminating love child. It’s not shimmery or anything, but it somehow brightens and makes me look like I’ve had a 3 week holiday and rested the entire time.

Colourpop No Filter UK


So overall!! I feel like I am starting to sound like a broken record, but in my honest opinion I love this collection. I also have the Colourpop No Filter Loose Setting Powder (which is GLORIOUS!) and the Colourpop All Star Prep & Set Duo (review to follow – keep your eyes peeled!) and the whole brand just works together like a dream.


Finally, moving on to the situation of the fact that this is SO easily accessible in America and I am in the UK, fear not!! I take full advantage of any friends or relatives that are holidaying in America (like I said I like my home comforts and don’t particularly travel) but there are now UK options! Colourpop do ship to the UK and they offer free global shipping over $50, but you will have import fees – full details can be found here.

However, there are now easily accessible UK stockists! House Of Beauty and London Loves Beauty are my favourites.

Click here to visit Colourpop

Click here to visit House Of Beauty 

Click here to visit London Loves Beauty


Colourpop No Filter UK

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Natura Siberica Snow Cladonia Review

Natura Siberica Snow Cladonia Review

Natura Siberica Snow Cladonia Review!



I am SO happy to be writing another review for one of my all time favourite brands – Natura Siberica. It is no secret that I love this brand, so trying out a new line obviously excites me! As I have been renovating a house the last few months (hense the lack of blog posts!) some new skin care products were just what I needed to make me start feeling like a human again. The Snow Cladonia range is a collection I have not tried before, so let’s dive in!!


Snow Cladonia Day Cream

RRP £11.95

“Snow Cladonia, which stays green even during severe Siberian winters, contains Usnic Acid, a unique active ingredient which works to actively restore skin cells and effectively slow down the ageing process.
Natural Vitalayer® gives your skin a smoother texture and improved elasticity by boosting the production of Hyaluronic Acid which deeply moisturises the skin and reduces wrinkles.
Anti-ageing SYN®-AKE and SYN®-COLL complexes regenerate skin cells and stimulate collagen synthesis, renewing the glowing appearance of youth.
Wild Harvested Siberian Ashberry Extract and Organic Wheat Oil beautifully soothe and heal the skin.”



This product is literally perfect for every day use. It melts into the skin and dries down really quickly still leaving the skin super moisturised. There is no greasy residue, and it doesn’t become oily throughout the day either. It is a beautiful base to wear under make up, I only have good things to say about this product!




Snow Cladonia Face Serum

RRP £11.75

“The powerful formula of this serum contains concentrated active ingredients from various Siberian plants for enhanced effectiveness. The Snow Cladonia Extract contains the rare Usnic Acid, which works to actively restore skin cells and effectively slow down the ageing process. Snow Cladonia, which stays green even during severe Siberian winters, energizes and helps the skin to resist the external stresses that can negatively effect it.
Extract of Wild Harvested Siberian Dwarf Pine is a wonderful antioxidant, protecting skin from external impacts, while Organic Chamomile soothes and calms the skin.
Natural Pentavitin® improves skin’s smoothness and protective barriers, preventing dehydration and flaking.
SYN®-AKE is an excellent hydrator and wrinkle eliminator, which gives your skin a natural healthy glow.
Within just a couple of weeks of continued use, the serum minimizes wrinkles, leaving your skin looking radiant and noticeably younger.”



So although this is technically a serum, I have also used this product on its own with nothing underneath before bed, and it soaks into the skin (you can literally feel it working!) and wake up with beautifully hydrated skin. An absolute winner!








These two products as a duo are the ideal staple items in anyones skin care routine. They are simple and stunning. Considering my skin is definitely not looking its best at the moment, a day cream that can keep me looking presentable throughout the day at the moment and a serum for overnight to make my skin look like its actually being taken care of is a miracle in itself! The main point here though is the difference in my skin already is amazing, and that is just from using two products from this collection! I can’t wait to try more!!

The Snow Cladonia collection, along with some other products, has also just been launched in Holland & Barratt stores!

Click here to see this collection on Natures Dream! 


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Urban Veda – Review!

Urban Veda – Review!

Urban Veda – Review!


Urban Veda


I first came across Urban Veda in a Cruelty Free Beauty Box – this was with their Radiance Body Scrub – and was instantly on their website. I loved it, and couldn’t wait to try out more of their collection. They are not your average skincare brand, they combine the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with a modern 21st century twist.


“The Urban Veda ranges are designed to be suited to different skin care types which in the principles of Ayurvedic medicine are associated with ‘doshas’. This is the Ayurvedic term to describe the physical and emotional tendencies in our mind and body.”



What’s Your Dosha? 

If you’re anything like me when I first saw this I had absolutely no idea, but fear not! They have a “questionnare” that will tell you this, and then you’re off!! Of course because I am never simple I am mix (Tri-Doshic) and they have kindly sent me a combination of products to try out. So let’s dive in!


Urban Veda


“Originating 5000 years ago in the Himalayas, Ayurveda’s holistic health and wellbeing system is based on the therapeutic properties of plants. Brimming with plants rich in vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and phytonutrients, our products are uniquely formulated to help maintain skin’s natural balance. Our key ranges help to harmonise environmental factors, to purify, soothe, revive and add radiance. We believe in the value of nature and source natural, fresh, and pure ingredients to create our holistic products.
All our packaging is recyclable, and our bottles are made out of post-consumer recycled plastic. Recycling is like Karma, what goes around comes around. We’re proud of our sourcing provenance and all of our cartons are Forest Sustainability Certified.
Belief in the value of nature means valuing plants as nature intended- all of our products are free from Genetically Modified ingredients, and none contain parabens, artificial colours or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS).
All of our products are certified as ‘vegan’ by the Vegetarian Society. As a holistic brand we don’t, and will never, test on animals.

Inspired by the principles of Indian Ayurveda, lovingly manufactured in the UK”


Daily Purifying Facial Wash

Neem + Botanics RRP £12.99/150ml

Urban Veda


“Our Daily Purifying Facial Wash has been naturally formulated to cleanse and purify oily and acne-prone skin. The key ingredient is Ayurvedic cold-pressed neem oil. This is an excellent antibacterial and antiseptic tonic to help treat blackheads, in addition to reducing excess sebum, breakouts and toxins.

Infused with antioxidant-rich ingredients to minimise pores and reduce shine, Purifying Facial Wash is perfect for treating spots and mattifying oil-prone skin. This Ayurveda-inspired purifying cleanser is packed with clarifying witch hazel and astringent quassia. It also contains antiseptic tea tree and refreshing eucalyptus to cleanse congested skin.

Purifying Facial Wash has a natural, uplifting and refreshing scent. It is a detoxifying cleanser which gently removes makeup and also balances an oily t-zone for a healthy, clear complexion.”



This cleanser makes my skin feel SO clean! It’s strange because it almost feels squeeky clean, but so soft at the same time. It removes any and all make-up and leaves nothing behind. It smells delicious, I have nothing but good things to say about this product!


Soothing Exfoliating Facial Polish

Sandalwood + Botanics RRP £13.99/125ml

Urban Veda



“Gently buff away dead skin cells with our Soothing Exfoliating Facial Polish. Supporting healthy skin cell renewal, Soothing Facial Polish is the perfect texture to reveal fresher-looking skin.

Enriched with calming sandalwood, this gentle facial scrub exfoliates delicate skin with the natural mildly abrasive exfoliant of pumice stone.

With healing and detoxifying geranium, hydration-preserving palmarosa and harmonising ylang ylang, this cooling facial exfoliator balances and de-stresses aggravated skin.

Soothing Exfoliating Facial Polish is specially formulated for the most sensitive skins, nourishing, hydrating and protecting as it deeply cleanses the pores.”



Even though this is not technically in the same collection as the Daily Purifying Facial Wash I feel like they are the perfect cleansing duo. The teeny weeny grains in this are so gentle and – as the name suggests – soothing, but this product gives such a gorgeous glow and makes my skin feel 10 years younger! Who doesn’t want that!? Plus it smells incredible!


Radiance Day Cream

Turmeric + Botanics RRP £18.99/50ml

Urban Veda


“Soothe uncomfortable, tight dry skin with our turmeric-infused Radiance Day Cream. Lightweight yet deeply hydrating, this vitality-enhancing moisturiser helps to brighten your complexion and is designed for those with dehydrated, dull and lack-lustre skin.

Enriched with brightening turmeric extract and anti-inflammatory Ayurvedic herbs and botanicals, this natural day cream keeps skin hydrated all day long. Improve signs of hyperpigmentation and lock in moisture with this blemish-fighting blend of natural ingredients. Radiance Day Cream envelops your skin in softness with its luxuriously creamy texture and indulgent formula. It also contains Ayurvedic arjuna extract which has been clinically proven to moisturise and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”



This is the most expensive out of the products I have tried from Urban Veda (so far!) and I have to admit I can 100% see why. This is life. This has the prefect balance of being hydrating enough without being overly greasy. It manages to keep any oils away throughout the day making it perfect for under makeup or just to wear all day without turning into a grease ball. It has a lovely light scent and soaks straight into the skin. Literally stunning.


Reviving Body Wash & Reviving Body Scrub

Rose + Botanics RRP £12.99/200ml

Urban Veda

“Add a touch of luxury to your shower or bathing routine with our nourishing Reviving Body Wash. Skin conditioning plant extracts help to gently yet effectively cleanse without stripping skin of its natural oils.

This hydrating and creamy body wash is specially formulated to respect your skin’s natural moisture barrier and pH level. Cleanse and refresh dry skin with this enriching shower gel – hydrating rose damask, moisturising evening primrose, soothing geranium and repairing rosehip work in synergy to nourish tired and mature skin.

Lather up with our SLS-free formula and drift away with the delicate natural scent of rose and jasmine. A gentle and enriching body wash helping to restore suppleness and promote skin repair.”


“Support healthy skin cell turnover with our exfoliating Reviving Body Scrub. Microbead-free, we instead have used natural milled peach seed powder to gently slough away dead skin cells, revealing smooth, fresher-looking skin.

Massage in using circular motions to boost circulation and improve the appearance of the skin. A gentle formula which won’t strip your skin of moisture, our Reviving Body Scrub is a shower essential for silky smooth skin.

Replenishing rose damask, essential fatty acid-rich borage and regenerating pomegranate work in synergy to leave skin feeling soft, clean and cared for. The perfect blend of omega-rich botanical extracts to pamper dry, tired and mature skin.”


This pair are a match made in heaven. They have a stunning scent and gently cleanse leaving the skin so soft and silky! I say gently cleanse, I have used these before applying fake tan and it was perfect! It removed any traces of old tan or dead skin and gave the best smooth base!


Soothing Body Lotion

Sandalwood + Botanics RRP £14.99/250ml

Urban Veda



“Soothe uncomfortable, tight dry skin with our fast-absorbing sandalwood-based Soothing Body Lotion. Heavenly hydrating, this body moisturiser is specially formulated to calm, care for and protect dry skin.

Enriched with irritation-relieving myrrh, blemish-healing orange, hydration-preserving palmarosa and harmonising ylang ylang, Soothing Body Lotion is a treat to the skin and the senses.

Inspired by the ancient principles of Ayurveda, this calming concoction helps to de-stress aggravated skin and helps to diminish the appearance of redness and inflammation. This gentle formulation helps to smooth and soften delicate and sensitive skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and hydrated.”



Here I have, completely unintentionally, left my favourite until last. (I say my favourite but I wouldn’t actually want to have to choose between any of these). It may be the scent – as with the Exfoliating Facial Polish from the same collection I am obsessed with this scent! But aside from that, for someone who is not normally that excitable by body lotions, I am in love with this. It is heavy enough to deeply nourish the skin, but soaks straight in without leaving any residue behind. It may just be me but I also feel super glowy after using this! Its just heavenly.




So! Overall, I think it is safe to say regardless of which collection will suit your skin type and lifestyle these products will not let you down. They aren’t necessarily the cheapest, but they have a ridiculous amount of gift sets and trial sized products to get you started. I love the concept of what Urban Veda are doing here and what they stand for, and I can’t wait to get my hands on more of their collections to try!

Urban Veda

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Bella Forever Review!

Bella Forever Review!

Bella Forever Review!

100% Natural Beauty


Bella Forever


When I first heard about Bella Forever, it hadn’t even launched yet! A new, exciting, natural and cruelty free brand creating homemade face masks. Pure luxury! Putting my excitement aside, Bella Forever has stunning powder based face masks that not only look stunning, but truly are.


Bella Forever



“Bella Forever aims to inspire all women to embrace their natural beauty by using natural products that nourish and rejuvenate the skin, enhance texture, impart radiance & reduce signs of ageing.”





So who is Bella Forever!?

“Hi There!

Many beauty products on the market today are not suitable for sensitive skins, including mine. My name is Annabella and I am the natural beauty founder of this flourishing business. My own story was one of fragile skin which couldn’t cope with numerous cosmetics and makeup preparations available on the high street. My skin protested repeatedly showing its irritation with rashes and soreness and I began to notice just how many products used alcohol, mineral oils and synthetic fragrances… and most were tested on animals too 🙁

Motivated by a complete lack of 100% natural products available, I started to experiment by creating my own facial masks and beauty products, taking things back to basics in search of beautiful, clear skin. My powder based masks are created with an array of skin types in mind and use only the finest clays and essential oils that are gentle on the skin but work wonders by enhancing radiance and glow whilst tackling other skin sensitivities. All my products are safe for everyone to use and enjoy, including pregnant women. Quality is never compromised and you can trust that I personally inspect everything before despatch.

Time is at a premium for us all. Juggling the demands of our work and personal lives leaves little time to invest in a comprehensive and often expensive skin care routine every day. That is why my masks have been formulated to be quick and easy to mix and apply but the results are simply outstanding. Regular care with simple but excellent ingredients is the key to preventing and clearing skin conditions that invariably become worse with unnatural product additives.

Look forward to rejuvenated and nourished skin, reducing the signs of premature ageing and imparting a pure radiance you’ll love……

Bella Forever – it’s all you need.

Annabella x”


Bella Forever



So straight off the bat I was in love with the personal touch just from the packaging. These products had clearly been tucked up and wrapped with love. (I’ve even kept the little label!). I have two face masks, but there are 10 to choose from – and I need all of them! On top of that there are multi-mask packs and accessories such as brushes and application sets. Everything about them is just heavenly!







Bella ForeverBaby Belle Clay Mask

RRP £14.99

Bella ForeverNatural Face Mask for Sensitive Skin

“Natural Face Mask for sensitive and fragile skin. This soothing, purifying clay is known for producing radiant skin. It is perfect for dull & tired skin.”





Bella Forever




Bella ForeverMint Cooler Clay Mask

RRP £14.99

Bella ForeverDeep Cleansing Face Mask

“This is a cooling mask that helps remove impurities and absorb excess oil. The sage essential oil is refreshing and has stimulating properties.  The combination of white and green clay moisturises, clarifies and nourishes the skin. Perfect deep cleansing face mask.”




Bella Forever


I honestly couldn’t pick a favourite out of these two, they are both just brilliant. Mint Cooler (which is definitely cooling!) detoxifies beyond belief – I can literally feel it working! And Baby Belle? Well, this one is just pure pampering at its’ best. It left my skin so calm and smooth. Also if you’re not sure which masks to choose, there is a “Choose Your Mask” feature on the website to help you decide – tailor made beauty!

Bella ForeverBella Forever




So what else!?

– powder-based and therefore never expired as no liquid agent is in it so no parabens and nasty chemicals.

– they are 100% Natural, vegan, organic and cruelty free

– they are child friendly so perfect for sleepovers great fun!

– they are made in UK

– they are perfect for those who have fragile and sensitive skin or people who have vitiligo or rosacea


Is there anything else I could possibly say about these!? Oh yes… use the chat feature on the website to get 20% off! I could cry!

I am so pumped to have found Bella Forever and geniunely excited for Annabella’s stunning launch! Watch this space, I can’t wait to see these stunning masks fly!

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Misslyn Bronzer and Blush Review and Swatches!

Misslyn Bronzer and Blush Review and Swatches!

Misslyn Bronzer and Blush Review and Swatches!


Misslyn Swatches


I have to admit, when I first saw these products on Beauty Bay I immediately fell for the packaging. So darn cute! But, because they are SO affordable, I honestly wasn’t expecting much from these other than looking cute. But low and behold! I am still shook! These have gone above and beyond my expectations, so why!? Let’s find out!


“MISSLYN is on a beauty mission and is ready to carry you off to the fabulously colorful world of cosmetics. We will make your everyday life a little sweeter with our new beauty favorites, for mesmerizing makeup looks and guaranteed good vibes! Fall head over heels with the snazzy designs, radiant colors and trendy textures and jazz up your makeup with ease! Whether you are going for a sun-kissed, shimmery or matte complexion – Misslyn has all the absolute must-haves all you beauty babes will need, which will give your makeup look that sweet something!”


Misslyn SwatchesBeach Please! Bronzing And Contouring Powder



RRP £7.50





Misslyn Swatches“In a retro, pop art palette, Beach Please! Bronzing And Contouring Powder is available in a range of complementary colours. Suitable for defining the cheekbones, use sparingly as a contour powder or all over for a subtle bronzed glow.”

Misslyn Swatches


Misslyn SwatchesTreat Me Sweet Powder Blush



RRP £7.50




Misslyn Swatches“In a retro, pop art palette, Treat Me Sweet Powder Blush is a velvety, buildable blusher available in a range of flattering shades. Ensuring a natural and flawless finish, apply as desired to the apples of the cheeks for a long-lasting and intensely on-trend look.”

Misslyn Swatches










So starting with the shade range, each of these comes in 6 shades. Each. 6 blushes… 6 bronzers.. how many brands have 6 shades of blusher to choose from!? I have the bronzer in “Vitamin C!” and the blush in “Let’s Dance Mango Tango!”Also, some of the shades seem to be almost “crossover” shades like a browny blush and a warm bronze. Genius! In terms of choosing shades, Beauty Bay has done fantastically with their descriptions. Each shade explains its’ undertones and shade, which is SO helpful when buying products online.

The part that surprised me the most, was how well this lasts! Working outside means my “no makeup makeup” doesn’t seem to last throughout the day, and while this does fade slightly by the evening it is 100% still there and looking good. It doesn’t break apart or go patchy, and it looks so natural!


Misslyn Swatches
(left) Vitamin C!, (right) Let’s Dance Mango Tango!



I honestly haven’t got enough good things to say about these products, and they have set a very high standard for the rest of the collection! I can’t wait to try more!

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