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Face Halo Review

Face Halo Review

Face Halo Review


I first heard about Face Halo through Chloe Morello, as a fan of her (sometimes brutal) honesty surely a brand that she loved so much that she became a member of the team is epic…? I watched a few videos on it, and jumped straight onto their website to try it out for myself.


“Face Halo works with either cold or warm water. The water loosens your makeup allowing the HaloTech fiber strands (which are 100 times finer than a human hair) to reach deep into your pores to remove and trap makeup, giving your skin a healthy and invigorating clean in half the time. 

You don’t need to rub or scrub. Simply wet your Face Halo and gently wipe off makeup. You’ll be surprised how much makeup comes off.

Throw it in with your white/light colour wash and another miracle will occur. Angelic Face Halo reappears – fresh and ready to use again and again. It can be washed around 200 times!

So Fresh. Still plush!”


Too good to be true, right?


As soon as this arrived the first thing I noticed was how stunning these are! Weird considering they are literally a fluffy circle, but there is something about them! Plus, they are SO soft. I could sit and stroke them purely because they feel nice, which got me excited about using them on my actual face.

Initially I was a little sceptical, removing makeup with water is not something that would normally sit comfortably with me. That being said, I followed the instructions and put them to the test.

And boom. This circular miracle worker removed every single trace of makeup and made my skin feel super clean, I gave my face a once over with a cleansing wipe to test this out and nothing. Not even a tint. I was so impressed.

Aside from the fact it actually does what it claims it is going to do, this feels like pure heaven on the skin! It makes cleansing my face (which I usually find tedious) genuinely enjoyable. I use this to remove scrubs, face masks, anything really and it works perfectly.


What could be better?


“Face Halo is leading the way in sustainable beauty, committed to providing innovative solutions that are better for your skin and kinder to the environment.

Reusable – Reusable up to 200 wash cycles, each Face Halo replaces up to 500 makeup wipes.

Recyclable – Face Halo is easily recycled. Find out more about how to recycle Face Halo in your region.

Non-Toxic – Face Halo removes makeup using water only! No need for harmful chemicals.”


I did have a little panic when I saw my beautiful white fluffy circle now covered in makeup, but I followed the instructions – used a gentle handwash and put in the washing machine – and dang! It looked like new! I left it to dry and it was good to go again. When I am using this just to cleanse rather than remove makeup, a wash under the tap is enough to keep it hygienic and feeling beautiful. I purchased the 3 pack so have one in each bathroom and a spare for when one is in the wash.

Even though they give detailed information on exactly how this works, it still fascinates me. I am 100% converted and now the thought of using anything else on my face actually makes me cringe a little!!

They also have a video showing how this works – on an orange – definitely worth a watch here.



Click here to visit the Face Halo website

Shop Face Halo at Beauty Bay

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