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The Cruelty Free Beauty Box Review

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box Review

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box Review – June 2018


Cruelty Free Beauty Box


This is the first subscription box I have tried from The Cruelty Free Beauty Box and honestly it was beautiful before I’d even opened the box! Straight away the rose gold logo had me hooked! (Shallow, but true!) The Cruelty Free Beauty Box is primarily a Subscription service for Cruelty Free makeup, beauty and hair products – but they also offer One Off Boxes, Build Your Own Boxes AND they have a general Beauty Shop, AND a Reward Scheme! So pretty much all bases covered there!

Cruelty Free Beauty BoxThe Subscription Box is the perfect way to try out different brands and products that you may not normally come across – plus the amazing thing is if you fall in love with something you can continue to buy this from their Beauty Shop! The Month to Month Subscription costs £14.95 (this can be cancelled at any time) and the 3 Month Prepay costs £43.50 (£14.50 per month). They also have a 6 Month Prepay for £84.00 which reduces this down to £14.00 per month. This all being said, the value I received was way more than £14.95 (my math makes it over £30) so this really is super affordable – plus they even give discount on first orders!! That was too many numbers!! So let’s get going!




Cruelty Free Beauty Box





Pure Purpose – Natural Deodorant Cream – Lemon Breeze

RRP £9.50

Pure Purpose


Finding Cruelty Free Deodorant can be a bit of a challenge, so this was a lovely product to include – not the most glamorous but definitely appreciated!! The fact that this deodorant comes in cream form, in a jar, could be a little unnerving. But! This genuinely works! It also leave underarms feeling super soft and moisturised which is a huge bonus. And the scent……. Oh the scent. This Lemon Breeze fragrance is so subtle but so refreshing and actually quite addictive! They also have a Lavender Fresh scent too which I would imagine smells just as beautiful. This deodorant is 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free.



Pure Purpose




Friendly Soap Shea Butter Facial Cleansing Bar

RRP £2.62

Friendly Soap


So this gorgeous little beauty bomb is a nourishing face cleanser in the form of a bar of soap – and it literally is beautiful. Lathered up with a little water it creates and creamy foamy cleanser that is just a dream. It smells incredible and is prefect for sensitive skin. It is super calming and leaves skin feeling as though it has already been moisturised! As well as being cruelty free, the ingredients are all so natural and the box is even made from plastic free recycled (and recyclable) packaging. Again this also has an alternative option of Cocoa Butter which is described as being good for dry skin and even eczema! At such an affordable price on its’ own I am positive I will be loading up!




Friendly Soap




Evolve Hyaluronic Eye Complex

RRP 5ml £8.00 / 10ml £16.00

Evolve Organic Beauty

So, a funny story! A little advice with this one – read the note inside the box.

In my excited state I of course had to jump straight in and ended up losing almost half of this product. It quite clearly states inside the box to be careful when opening this product due to its watery consistency – of course I didn’t see this until afterwards. Completely my fault – so please learn from my mistake! Anyway! This product is more of an eye treatment to me than an eye cream as such, and it is SO luscious. It instantly feels refreshing under the eyes and feels so soothing! This is genuinely amazing on tired eyes (which I seem to have a lot…) and it reduces puffiness like magic. The full size comes with a roller ball applicator and given how refreshing it is just using finger tips my brain can’t quite comprehend how amazing it would be with a roller ball! Definitely a favourite!

Evolve Organic Beauty



Johnny Concert Amplified Eyeshadow – Desert Trap

RRP £12.00

Johnny Concert


This was a nice surprise to find as Johnny Concert is a brand I strangely haven’t come across before. (I have since been nosing through their website!). The shade Desert Trap is a stunning Khaki shimmer shade that is absolutely bang on for me! The undertones are neutral so this would literally suit anyone, and the golden reflects give it that extra glow. A simply beautiful shade. Again this products’ ingredients are just brilliant, and as beautiful as this shade is there are SO many shades to choose from (29 if I counted correctly). Click here to view all the shades!


Johnny Concert




Delune Mandarin Dry Body Oil Mist

RRP £16.00




Now this product – a dry body oil mist – I wasn’t quite sure how to go about using. So (for once) I just followed the instructions and BAM! This is beyond awesome! It is a light weight but intensely moisturing spray body mist that is so ridiculously easy to use! A light spritz transforms the skin making it silky soft, and it smells amazing!!!! Because it is such a light mist it doesn’t even need to dry! This really is epic, and if I was forced to choose a favourite product from this box I think this has to be it!





The Cruelty Free Beauty Box – How It All Started!

“Our Founder, Chloe has always been on a mission to make a difference. However, signing petitions, speaking out and avoiding Companies just wasn’t good enough-Yes, it kept her awake at night! She wanted something much bigger than that and to help people see what was happening in the world of Animal Testing and to help them make the change to Cruelty Free – Many people say you can’t change the world, if we all though like that what would get done’?
We have all always been aware of animal testing and boycotted the Companies who allow this, but then as time went on we realised we hadn’t been avoiding them at all. We realised just how sneaky Companies could be – Logo’s were fake, Companies sold in China, they didn’t test but 3rd parties did…. And so it unraveled! That’s when the light bulb went off – We needed something that made it simple for us to enjoy a Beauty Box but one we could trust & enjoy without any guilt whatsoever! Oh & to show these “ugly” companies that it’s beyond acceptable… and so the journey of The Cruelty Free Beauty Box began!”


So there it is!! Whether you want to surprise yourself with unknown new products every month, create your own box or just shop in a place that you can trust, The Cruelty Free Beauty Box has cracked it!!

Click here to visit the website!


Cruelty Free Beauty Box


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The Pip Box Review (May) – Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly Beauty!

The Pip Box Review (May) – Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly Beauty!

The Pip Box Review (May) – Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly Beauty!


The Pip Box


Here we have my first ever Pip Box! I was so excited to recieve this as not only is it such an easy way to try out new products, but also introduces you to brands you may not have come across before! The Pip Box is a Subscription Box containing all Cruelty Free & Vegan friendly beauty products (an award winning subscription box might I add!). All products are either full sized or travel sized – no sachets or samples, with an average box value of £45 – for £13.50!? Another incredible part to point out is that 50p from every box is donated to Animal Free Research UK. On top of all that, The Pip Box is named after her dog Pip – so cute!!!

The Pip Box

“Every Pip Box contains at least 5 items, one of which is always a full sized make-up item. Unlike most beauty subscription boxes we never feature one-time-use sachet samples. 

Our current average value per box is just over £45 and our current feedback rating is 4.7 out of 5, as voted by our subscribers themselves. 

We make sure our box edits are always on trend and suitable for the season – think cooling mists and coral nail polishes in the summer, with matte lipsticks and hydrating balms in the winter. 

You’ll also never receive the same item twice because every edit is created bespoke each and every month.”


So let’s get into the products included in May 2018’s Pip Box!


MoYou Stamping Set

MoYouWeirdly enough I have recently been researching stamping and watching alot of YouTube tutorials, with MoYou being the focus! Bare in mind i am definitely no nail technician, but this stamping set is so easy to use! Much easier than I had expected! This particular plate is from the Kaleidoscope Collection and would normally cost £5.99, along with the Classic Stamper – usually £2.99. Overall this duo is the perfect introduction to stamping and has taken my DIY mani’s to another level!


Bloomtown Roll-On Infused Oil




This is an absolute gem! I had no idea what to do with this initially as I have not come across these before so I just followed the instructions – and I am in love! Not only does this smell absolutely amazing, but it genuinely boosts my mood! Applied to “pulse points” as the instructions recommend this works perfectly as a subtle fragrance AND it just makes you smile! Usually priced at £4.80, I’ve no idea how it works but I am obsessed!




Glo By Glory Glo Stix Semi-Matte Liquid Lipstick

Glo By GloryNow here is the perfect example of discovering new brands… I had not come across Glo By Glory before so was intrigued to try this out. It is a stunning, full size liquid lipstick with a gorgeous finish (as it states in its’ title – a semi-matte finish). This would normally be priced around £14 (the website is in dollars) so with just this product alone the value included in this box is insane! The colour (Sugar Dumpling) is absolutely beautiful, a soft but rich dusty rose shade that has brilliant pigmentation but still looks natural. Super adorable packaging, a genuinely lovely product!

Glo By Glory Swatches


Conscious Skincare Shampoo & Conditioner

Conscious Skincare


Another brand that is new to me – and it’s hair! This hair duo are in the Grapefruit and Cedarwood collection and for the 250ml sizes it would normally cost about £23 for a full sized set (these are travel sized – perfect to try a range out!) The packaging is so simple and clean looking and the scent is heavenly! There is definitely the grapefruit there but in a sort of soft musky way… difficult to describe but SO addictive!






The Pip Box


So!!! A fabulous range to start with! While a subscription to beauty products isn’t something I have done before, it is such an affordable way to try out new brands and products – and so much fun! There is also a 10% discount if you sign up for 3 months at a time instead of the usual monthly plan, PLUS there are 2 subscription plans to choose from. You can also earn “Pip Points” (seriously satisfying to say…) with your orders that you can redeem as vouchers.


On a side note if you like looking at pictures of cute pups (who doesn’t…) then check out the About Us page too!


Click here to find out more!



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