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The Pip Box Review (May) – Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly Beauty!

The Pip Box Review (May) – Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly Beauty!

The Pip Box Review (May) – Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly Beauty!


The Pip Box


Here we have my first ever Pip Box! I was so excited to recieve this as not only is it such an easy way to try out new products, but also introduces you to brands you may not have come across before! The Pip Box is a Subscription Box containing all Cruelty Free & Vegan friendly beauty products (an award winning subscription box might I add!). All products are either full sized or travel sized – no sachets or samples, with an average box value of £45 – for £13.50!? Another incredible part to point out is that 50p from every box is donated to Animal Free Research UK. On top of all that, The Pip Box is named after her dog Pip – so cute!!!

The Pip Box

“Every Pip Box contains at least 5 items, one of which is always a full sized make-up item. Unlike most beauty subscription boxes we never feature one-time-use sachet samples. 

Our current average value per box is just over £45 and our current feedback rating is 4.7 out of 5, as voted by our subscribers themselves. 

We make sure our box edits are always on trend and suitable for the season – think cooling mists and coral nail polishes in the summer, with matte lipsticks and hydrating balms in the winter. 

You’ll also never receive the same item twice because every edit is created bespoke each and every month.”


So let’s get into the products included in May 2018’s Pip Box!


MoYou Stamping Set

MoYouWeirdly enough I have recently been researching stamping and watching alot of YouTube tutorials, with MoYou being the focus! Bare in mind i am definitely no nail technician, but this stamping set is so easy to use! Much easier than I had expected! This particular plate is from the Kaleidoscope Collection and would normally cost £5.99, along with the Classic Stamper – usually £2.99. Overall this duo is the perfect introduction to stamping and has taken my DIY mani’s to another level!


Bloomtown Roll-On Infused Oil




This is an absolute gem! I had no idea what to do with this initially as I have not come across these before so I just followed the instructions – and I am in love! Not only does this smell absolutely amazing, but it genuinely boosts my mood! Applied to “pulse points” as the instructions recommend this works perfectly as a subtle fragrance AND it just makes you smile! Usually priced at £4.80, I’ve no idea how it works but I am obsessed!




Glo By Glory Glo Stix Semi-Matte Liquid Lipstick

Glo By GloryNow here is the perfect example of discovering new brands… I had not come across Glo By Glory before so was intrigued to try this out. It is a stunning, full size liquid lipstick with a gorgeous finish (as it states in its’ title – a semi-matte finish). This would normally be priced around £14 (the website is in dollars) so with just this product alone the value included in this box is insane! The colour (Sugar Dumpling) is absolutely beautiful, a soft but rich dusty rose shade that has brilliant pigmentation but still looks natural. Super adorable packaging, a genuinely lovely product!

Glo By Glory Swatches


Conscious Skincare Shampoo & Conditioner

Conscious Skincare


Another brand that is new to me – and it’s hair! This hair duo are in the Grapefruit and Cedarwood collection and for the 250ml sizes it would normally cost about £23 for a full sized set (these are travel sized – perfect to try a range out!) The packaging is so simple and clean looking and the scent is heavenly! There is definitely the grapefruit there but in a sort of soft musky way… difficult to describe but SO addictive!






The Pip Box


So!!! A fabulous range to start with! While a subscription to beauty products isn’t something I have done before, it is such an affordable way to try out new brands and products – and so much fun! There is also a 10% discount if you sign up for 3 months at a time instead of the usual monthly plan, PLUS there are 2 subscription plans to choose from. You can also earn “Pip Points” (seriously satisfying to say…) with your orders that you can redeem as vouchers.


On a side note if you like looking at pictures of cute pups (who doesn’t…) then check out the About Us page too!


Click here to find out more!



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Cruelty Free VS Vegan

Cruelty Free VS Vegan

Cruelty Free VS Vegan

Cruelty Free VS Vegan – What’s the difference?



When I first decided to make the transition to become Cruelty Free, I genuinely assumed if a brand was certified as Vegan then that would mean it does not involve animals – at all, right? Wrong. Bizarrely, just because a brand is certified as Vegan does not mean that its’ products are not tested on animals. Crazy! To me that defeats the whole idea of being Vegan in the first place if the products then go on to be tested on animals! And on the other side there are brands that while they claim to be Cruelty Free also sell their products in China or only state that their products are not tested on animals… but do not mention their ingredients or third party involvement.


So! What is the difference and how can we be sure?

It is not always clear what is Cruelty Free or Vegan, so here is a rough guideline on what these actually mean:

Cruelty FreeCruelty Free

– products are not tested on animals – at all. Not just the finished products, but the ingredients or any third party involvement. Also, if a brand sells its’ products in a country where animal testing is required by law (such as China) then the brand as a whole is not Cruelty Free.


– products are 100% free of any animal ingredients or ingredients that are derived from animals. These brands will find alternatives instead, such a Glycerine. However, a brand that is Vegan Certified is not neccesarily Cruelty Free.



Basically, they are completely different concepts. Brands that are Cruelty Free are not necessarily Vegan, and vise versa. On the whole, brands tend to be pretty proud if they have received certification for being either of these and will display their certified logo on their website and products. Not always though, so I tend to look in their “about” pages and they will usually clarify their status there. If I find I am having to hunt a little too hard to find some sort of clarification, then I start to become suspicious and doubtful. There is also the Parent Company situation for some brands, but that is a whole issue in itself that is down to personal opinion – I have a full discussion post on this – Where To Draw The Line?


Cruelty Free


The main and ultimate mission of Belles’ Bunnies is to highlight cosmetic animal testing and create awareness of just how many brands are still testing on animals. The Cruelty Free Brand List on Belles’ Bunnies is constantly updated, which hopefully makes the whole process of shopping a lot easier! Overall, an official certification such as Leaping Bunny or PETA is a clear way to ensure a brand is Cruelty Free, and in my experience brands that are genuinely Cruelty Free are proud and display this for all to see!



Download the Cruelty Free UK Brand List!

LivOliv Review

LivOliv Review

LivOliv Review



LivOlivLivOliv are a brand that I came across via social media, and I instantly fell in love with their products. LivOliv is a family run company based in Poole, and all of their products are Non-Toxic, Vegan and Cruelty Free (they have also joined PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies Program)! Their nail polishes are absolutely beautiful and there is a massive range of colours, along with their luxurious hand creams and cuticle oils this is a brand I know will become my holy grail for anything hand and nail related!



I am so excited to be collaborating with LivOliv and have chosen one of their gorgeous Gift Boxes to dive into! There are 2 variations of gift boxes depending on which size of nail polish you would like, and for this review I have the 10ml Version priced at £29.99. Individually, the nail polishes are £8.99 for a 10ml bottle – although if you are wanting to try out various shades there are also 5ml options for just £4.99! The Gift Boxes include 3 nail polishes of your choice, along with a hand cream (usually £7.50) and cuticle oil (usually £3.99) – again both of your choice! The value of this gift box is incredible, and being able to completely personalize its’ contents is amazing!



Nail Polishes

Silk Chocolate
Polished Hazelnut
Wistful Walnut

LivOliv breaks down its huge selection of shades into categories, and as I am obsessed with all things bronze I chose my 3 colours from the Brown & Copper selection.

Silk Chocolate – a Creamy Brown
Polished Hazelnut – a Deep Silky Golden Brown
Wistful Walnut – a Silky Dark Brown







The application of these nail polishes is an absolute dream. They are the perfect consistency – not too thick making it difficult to get a smooth application, but also thick enough to have complete control. The pigment is beautiful, and 2 coats gives a stunning full coverage finish. Another thing that I love is the drying time! I am quite an impatient person when it comes to drying nail varnish, but these polishes dry within minutes making it super easy to apply a quick second coat and be done! The shine of these are incredible, and LivOliv also has Top and Base Coats (including a Matte Top Coat!)  along with a Nail Polish Thinner to replace the ingredients that evaporate when older polishes become a little “tired”.

Hand Cream and Cuticle Oil

Sweet Orange & Rose

For my Gift Box I chose the Sweet Orange and Rose hand cream, with the matching Cuticle Oil with Rose Oil. Starting with the hand cream, the packaging is so chic! It comes in a twist top tin and looks so elegant. The consistency of this is on the thicker side, and feels intensely nourishing and luxurious. The scent is exactly as imagined, a subtle sweet orange undertone with a feminine rose fragrance to top it off. Delicious! Because of its thick consistency a little goes a very long way, so it really will last for ages. It soaks into the skin beautifully, leaving hands soft and moisturized but not tacky or sticky.



The Cuticle Oil with Rose Oil is a new favourite in my beauty routine which is a welcome surprise. I am usually one to forget about using a cuticle oil, but this smells so delectable it is so addictive! You can see the results instantly with this, and the results last. It makes nails looks so healthy and genuinely cared for, and melts into the cuticles leaving behind a stunning glow and subtle rose scent. The packaging of this is genius, a “clicker” style brush that makes application so easy and clean – no mess or product wastage!


I am so happy to have found LivOliv. The quality of their products is just incredible for such an affordable price. They also stock natural handmade soaps from Lucy’s Soap Kitchen which look so indulgent!

LivOliv will be on Stand no.1 at the Portsmouth Vegan Festival on Sunday 4th March 2018.

I am beyond impressed with all of the products I have tried so far, and their shade selection of nail polishes is ridiculously brilliant. There is literally a shade for every occasion or style – I can’t wait to build up my collection!

Click here to visit the website!

Use code Bellesbunnies15 for 15% off!


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Have you tried LivOliv? Let me know your thoughts!